Thursday, December 31, 2009

My New Year's Resolution!

My New Year’s Resolution !
Al Ritter

I have watched patiently as the Obama Administration and Congress have ignored, and trampled our Constitution. I have written articles exposing those very actions. I have been as politically correct and as racially sensitive as I can, for fear of being labeled a racist, or divisive while I have watched the targets of my articles not do the same. I have sat and listened to politicians extol the virtues of a bill, when they in fact have not even read the said bill, and have admitted such. I have read replies to emails I have sent to my representatives that thank me very much for writing but explain they will be voting contrary to my wishes. I have watched as 7 of my close friends have lost their jobs in the last 6 months. I have seen an additional group of 9 of my friends reach “retirement age,” only to continue working because their 401K has tanked and they have very little left.

I have watched as President Obama has carefully selected his words about terrorist attacks, labeling them neither Muslim, nor terrorists, for fear of offending the Muslim world. I have watched as the Congress has gutted the military actions in Afghanistan, removing funds for the ground war to fund pork barrel projects back home. I have watched as the Administration has circumvented the court system, inserting executive power into criminal proceedings (black panthers release,) and into bankruptcy proceedings (auto makers, GM and Chrysler,) to pay off union interests before guaranteed investors first. I have watched as Obama’s Aunt stays in a country that court rulings have expelled her from twice before, and yet she stays in Boston, in government paid for housing.

I have watched as Obama has apologized to practically every country abroad, for his perceived poor treatment by America. The very same countries we either defeated in war or liberated in war. I have watched as Obama declared that America was no longer a Christian Nation. I have watched as the White House has set up websites to combat lies and fallacies by their detractors, only to spread as many, if not more lies of their own under the label of “truth.” I have watched as doctors, executives, and targets of the Administration have their salaries limited, but Union Bosses, and those friendly to the administration have had no such restraints.

I have watched as so called non-profit organizations have in fact profited from government monies, and whose motives are so blatantly obvious and left leaning, but nothing is done, no investigations, nothing. I watch in amazement as cabinet members were appointed most all with IRS outstanding debt. Amazing how the appointments had an effect on restitution, but none included penalties or interest. I watched as 75 lawyers now control the White House, the largest number ever. I have watched as the lack of sophistication in the President and his wife has embarrassed this country and its citizens, by ignoring any and all protocol.

I watch as Obama speaks of nuclear disarmament of our country, but watches as the former USSR ratchets up their program under the silent president Putin. I watch as Obama speaks of UN sanctions against North Korea and Iran as if they really mean something, more stunning still is his belief that they do! I watch as printing presses have been running off money 24/7 since the inauguration. I watch as the Congress spends money at “an unprecedented rate” (popular wording for Obama.) I watch as David Axelrod takes really objectionable programs and actions and rewords them to somehow make them more palatable, and eventually acceptable. I watch as our President referred to an officer’s actions as “acted stupidly,” when he hadn’t even heard the particulars of the arrest, but then later warned us not to “jump to conclusions” about the Fort Hood shootings by a Muslim officer.
I have watched as leaders of certain countries follow a path of world governance by the most corrupt officials in the world, the United Nations. I watch as the leader of the IPCC and Al Gore gave speeches in Copenhagen still pushing global warming when there isn’t any and hasn’t been for the last 10 years. Those same two people had voices at the meeting, even with their conflicts of interests of being involved in carbon credit sales, while credible peer-reviewed scientists who disagreed were left out of the discussions.

I watch as we fight a war with an enemy that has left Afghanistan, migrated to Pakistan and now as we find into Yemen. We are fighting an ideology not a country, and yet our President wants to merely make friends. I watch as the Gitmo detainees are either tried in US courts or returned to the very countries and battlefields where we found them in the first place. I watch as members of our Special Ops forces are court-martialed for bloodying the lip of a combatant charged with publicly hanging members of our armed forces from a bridge. Police actions have never historically worked…….Korean War and Vietnam.

I am damn tired of standing idly by while citizens of our own country seek to change us into something we were never intended to be. We are a sovereign country formed and designed to stay that way. We believe in things differently than the EU, we always have. We escaped the tyrannical government of England to achieve freedom. The majority of this country doesn’t want to return to that, and to those of you who want this change, please by all means go to a country in Europe that believe in this social welfare system, there are many to choose from! Leave our country to the very principles we were formed on…………most of us believe that!

In essence my New Year’s resolution will be that of revolution, to not be as PC as I once was, to boldly point out the differences, and to attack a proper label where it’s needed.

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barb p said...

Al I do so wish you would run for an elected office....I enjoy reading your thoughts you so clearly reflect in your articles...very founded and intelligent. Thank you for sharing these with all of us who are lucky enough to receive them...God bless you Al, and I pray for a better year.

Kevin said...

In the political world, there are no more rules of civility. Those that did exist were thrown out years ago by both parties.

I have come to expect idiology based comebacks and snide comments, but to date, I have yet to lose an argument based solely on fact.

Thank you Al for leading by example and sticking to your beliefs. Give'em hell in 2010.