Friday, January 1, 2010

Let the 2010 Election Cycle Begin

Let the 2010 Election Cycle Begin
Kevin Bryant

Long go we all heard and learned “No Taxation without Representation”. This was the excuse given by our Founding Fathers to England for not wanting to pay taxes. Truth be told, they did not want to pay even if they had representation because they would be outnumbered in parliament and their presence would be meaningless.

For almost 100 years now, our representatives have increasingly ignored us. First it was just one or two, then a dozen or so. Today, most of our elected representatives could care less about the people they were elected to represent. What is it about the people we send to Washington? None of them seem capable of learning from the past mistakes of those they replaced.

During Bill Clinton’s first two years in office, the democrats controlled both houses of congress. During that time, President Clinton tried his best to govern from the left and the end result was disastrous for the democrats. For it was the first time in since 1954, the republicans won control of the House of Representatives and they also won control of the Senate after being out of the majority for 12 years. Having lost both houses of congress, Bill Clinton took a more moderate to centralist stance and the remaining 6 years of his presidency, was far better than the first two. The people had again been heard.

In January 2007, democrats took control of both houses and began a smear campaign unlike any other ever witnessed in this country. They attacked conservatives in and out of politics. They attacked network and cable news anchored who disagreed with their liberal policies. They attacked President Bush at ever turn and blamed him for their own failures. Truth in politics completely died in 2007. With Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi leading the way, they took a page right out of Hitler’s own playbook “Tell a lie, make it a big lie, tell it often, and the people will believe it”.

That strategy worked to perfection and as a result, democrats increased their hold on both houses of congress and even managed to place a socialist in the white house, all thanks to making everything wrong with this country look like it was all caused by George Bush and the republican party.

Perhaps as much as 20% of the politicians in Washington still listened to the American people by November 2008, but that percentage is now down to about 3%. Not a single democrat is listening to the American people unless it is that 35% that still believe that republicans are evil and democrats can do no harm. No one at all is listening to the 20% far right nut jobs out there for they are as bad as the 35% left wing lunatics. No, politicians are now looking out only for themselves and incorporating what the people’s wishes are only when and if it makes them look good to their constituents.

Paying back big campaign donors and winning favor with industry and unions has become the name of the Washington political game. No longer does it matter to those in power what we think. Both republicans and democrats act like they know how better to spend our tax dollars than we do. They both think they know better how we should live our lives, how we should think, what we should eat and coming soon, how hot or cool we keep our houses and what we should be driving. If the far reaches of the left wing get their wish, it will become illegal for a woman to get pregnant without a government issued permit.

The last time government heard the people in mass was 1994. We have to make our voices heard in 2010. It’s no longer our own rights we are fighting for, we must now fight for our children and grandchildren so they too can grow up in a country that recognizes them as individuals and they are granted liberties and freedoms from the people that can not be taken away by government.

If your Senator or your Representative has accepted pork project money, fire him or her. If they have voted to raise your taxes, fire him or her. If they have voted in favor of more government spending or entitlements, fire him or her. If they voted for Obama Healthcare or TARP, fire him or her. If they did any of this or voted for anything that the people did not want their tax dollars spent on, Fire him or her. If they are not up for election in 2010, fire them in 2012 or 2014 because they are not going to change their behavior once they secure another term in office. Don’t let them fool you into believing that they have heard you once this election is over. If they haven’t heard you by now, they never will.

If we fail to be heard in 2010, our children and grandchildren will grow up in poverty. Trapped and enslaved to the government and in a society that rivals that of 1960’s and 70’s Soviet Union. That is the path that this government, OUR GOVERNMENT is leading us down.


Michael Lantz said...

I agree you.I heard that Obama wants to give ammnesty to over 20,000,000 illegal aliens.I heard it on the Michael Savage show the other day.If Obama and the Democrats get everything they want America will be propelled into the Dark Ages

Jim S said...

Kevin has it right, we need to get started now!