Monday, January 4, 2010

Experts with questionable credentials set policies for the world

Al Gore, a self described expert in climate change has no degree in climatology. He doesn’t even possess a teaching degree to teach first grade science, but he now claims to be an expert in yet another field. He claims that Polar Bears are in danger of extinction. He spewed his opinion about their endangered status again at the Copenhagen Cop 15 meeting. He has used his opinion and those of his supporters alone to have the Polar Bear an endangered species in the United States, and hopes to have them declared “endangered” worldwide, but can’t site credible proof of that claim.

In this sadly inaccurate video another Hollywood actor supports the WWF and Al Gore.

Actual scientists who study Polar Bears weren’t allowed to even testify in Copenhagen about the real size of the polar bear community. The WWF was however allowed to erect an ice carving of a Polar Bear, which they erroneously claim to be endangered too. In 1950 there were only 5000 known polar bears worldwide, and now the population exceeds 25,000. Even a Senate Report contradicts Gores claims. These figures haven’t stopped Al Gore or his community of Hollywood “chicken littles.” To go along with Gore’s claim that polar bears are disappearing, he had to have a reason their population is waning.

He claims that the polar ice pack in the Arctic is disappearing, but unfortunately that claim doesn’t hold water either (no pun intended.) The polar ice pack has been increasing, and Gore’s minions have under reported that ice by the size of the state of Texas! This doesn’t stop the man; in fact covering the FACTS has always been his strong suit.

Along with the polar bear experts, the real scientists (ones, who disagree with Gore,) weren’t allowed a voice in Copenhagen either. What we had instead was speeches from John Kerry, an equally unqualified scientist wanna-be. Even Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger got into the speaking act. He can’t seem to run California fiscally but has his own opinions on how to spend the world’s money.

Politicians want to end the scientific controversy of man-made global warming, and embark upon their own agendas of making money on the so called catastrophe. It’s certainly no secret that Al Gore has his own company that deals in selling “carbon credits,” (the easiest way to cash in on the green money.) His net worth after he retired from the Vice Presidency was close to 2 million, and now exceeds 100 million. He claims he donates all his earnings to charity. This is laughable because the charity he donates to is his own! He decides how that money brought in, is doled out, and yet he flaunts this self arrogance for its maximum effect.

Check out this disgusting ad shown in England using the Polar Bear as a scapegoat.

The head of the IPCC……the BIG Cheese at the UN on Climate Change…….Dr Rajendra Pachauri is reportedly involved in the same basic schemes of carbon credit sales as Al Gore, and yet they are allowed to continue as if no conflict of interest even existed.

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barb p said...

why would any actor risk half his or her audience to make a political statement?

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