Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thank You Al

Thank You Al
Kevin Bryant

I bet when you read the title of this little blog of mine you thought I was actually thanking Al Ritter for something. Sorry Mr. Ritter, this “Thank You” does not go out to you. This “Thank You’ along with a big wet kiss goes out to none other than the good Reverend Al Sharpton. Wait…don’t be calling the state mental institutions to come and get me just yet.

While I’m at it, Id like to give a warm shout out to Harry Reid for without his gifted silver tongue, this moment would not exist. I’d also like to recognize the enormous contributions made by congressional Democrats and our own light skinned President who speaks without a negro dialect, unless he wants to, for finally striking the first meaningful blow given to political correctness in America.

That’s right boys and girls. Thanks to Al Sharpton and those others mentioned, Harry Reid gets to keep his Senate Majority Leader title and the term African-American is no longer required to be used. Harry Reid could have said African-American dialect but he didn’t. The congressional Democrats rallied behind Harry Reid and gave him their full support that his words were used in proper context. But, it was our good buddy Al Sharpton, Co-King of the race bating left that sealed the deal when he dismissed Harry Reid’s own words as acceptable language.

You have to know that Strom Thurmond is spinning in his grave over the firestorm Democrats raised about comments made about him by Trent Lott which led to Lott’s resignation as Senate Minority Leader in late 2002 and finally his retirement from congress in 2007. If Strom Thurmond could talk today, I’m sure he would be calling Harry Reid and the congressional Democrats a lot worse than just a bunch of hypocritical bastard’s right about now. I’d certainly like to be a fly on Trent Lott’s wall right now listening to what he has to say about it.

Trent Lott resigned for the good of his party. Harry Reid refuses to step down in spite of the good it would do his party. You silver tongued devil from the silver state, you may have just put the final nail in your political coffin. You are already down 20+ points in polls regarding your upcoming re-election bid. Your political death need not come at the expense of getting healthcare passed. Think about this Harry Reid, SEIU is the biggest union in your state. More than half of your support comes from them and ACORN. Many members of the Nevada SEIU & ACORN are black and I am sure they did not appreciate your comments. It sure stinks to be you right now don’t it.

So America, throw away your contemporary to politically correct language cross reference guides and prepare to embrace a new version of an old concept, speaking freely.

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