Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Thinking For Yourself

Thinking For Yourself
Kevin Bryant

Government believes that the average person is too stupid to think for themselves. Therefore, they must do your thinking for you. They see themselves as the great stewards of our lives. They know what is best for us, they keep us from harm and if you watch the actions of any politician, they know how our money should be spent better than we do.

Forget “Praise Be To God” or “Praise Be To Buddha” or whatever your preference is, is becoming a think of the past. Government would rather you say “Praise Be To Government”. If they had their way, no longer would we assemble in churches and learn about our own creation or the plans of our creator. Instead our children will teach us of the things they have learned in school and how great and giving our government is and we should be thankful for the liberties and even our own existence that government provides us. Instead of praying to a higher power or talking to a member of the clergy, government would rather we just send our elected representatives an email or go visit a welfare office to seek guidance or advice.

There is not one single thing I can do or say to persuade you to agree with anything I believe. There is nothing Al or any of you can do to make someone agree with your line of thinking. The best anyone can do is present you with facts or truth as best they know them and hope that you take the time to research the information and come to your own conclusions.

Government’s greatest fear should be the people they represent. Our government no longer fears us. They have media believing they are the great savior of this nation and all who inhabit it. Media will profess that Big Brother is looking out for us and is doing what is in our best interest whether we believe them or not. Most media outlets want you to get your information from them so that you won’t have to burden yourself with doing a little research or heaven forbid you find something that contradicts the great MSNBC Oracle Keith Olbermann.

Impoverished, stupid and dependent upon government is the goal of the progressives. In their eyes, only the elite should have money and power. The goal of the progressives is not to raise others up to middle class American standards, but to lower middle class America to a universal impoverished world standard. It’s a shame that most progressives do not realize that this is the goal they are fighting for. They don’t know these things because they, like most, rely on media outlets to give them their information. The younger ones are taught in public schools that government is the end all of every social problem in America. We hear everyday how capitalism itself is evil and destructive to society and must be regulated by government. We listen as our own government wants to push for more unions in the pretense that it’s better for all.

Those that rely strictly on mainstream media for their information are the ones politicians pander to. They tell you all the goods things this bill and that bill will create or do for you. They tell you this as they gathering more power unto themselves then tell you it is so they may ensure that your rights and freedoms are protected and keep you safe even though they assume the power to take away those same rights and freedoms.

If I had only one wish for anything I write or is posted on this website, it would be to create a desire within everyone to do their own research and come to their own conclusions. It is not only your right to think for yourself, it is your responsibility to do so. The country we live in today is not that which our forefathers fought and died for to create and protect. This is not the country our parents and grandparents grew up in and came to love. This is not even the country I spend more than 20 years serving and defending. These are my thoughts and mine alone. I didn’t have or need someone to make them for me or tell me how I should think.

What do you think?

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barb p said...

I think this is true...I have actually head people say they DO NOT watch the news or read a paper...they don't want to know what is 'going' on, let alone 'trying' to do any research themselves. Then there are those of us who happen to feel very much the way you two do and rely on you for a lot of 'our' intelligent information, without prejudice but with fact....