Friday, January 22, 2010

4th and 15

4th & 15
Kevin Bryant

After having all the momentum for the first three quarters of the game, the blue team suddenly find themselves having to make the decision of a lifetime. To recap, the blue team scored two touchdowns in the first half to take a 14-0 lead. The blue team managed to get a field goal in the third quarter but you could feel the momentum shifting to the red team. The forth quarter has been all red. After having scored three touchdowns but with having missed an extra point, the score stands at 20-17.

So here we are now, the blue team having driven almost the length of the field only to have their drive stalled at the 4 yard line and actually pushed back twice by the defense, now find themselves on the 15 yard line. Now here we are with 0:02 seconds left on the clock, it’s now 4th down. If they kick a field goal, they could send this game into overtime. They have a great kicker who has not missed a field goal all season. They only have time for one more play. What do you do? Play it safe and kicked the field goal, regroup and come back in overtime or do you lay it all on the line and take one final shot at the end zone……….

With the election of Scott Brown Tuesday night to the United States Senate, the Democrats are faced with a really hard decision. The Healthcare Reform Bill in its current state is clinging to life support after having been given the hardest blow it could have received and having gotten that blow from the bluest of blue states. Independent voters let it be known loud and clear that they are tired of run away deficits, more taxes, increasing intrusion by the federal government into our lives. They are sick and tired of backroom shady deals and pandering to unions and other special interest.

Do they play it safe, scrap it completely and write a bill that makes sense or do they continue to ignore those that elected them to office and push this thing through at their own peril? Juan Williams of FOX News stated last night that he is convinced they will try to push it though then hope for that they can convince the American people that it was the right thing to do. The MSNBC pinhead trifecta, Matthews, Olbermann and Maddow want this legislation pushed at all cost. The White House narcissist egomaniac triplets of Emanuel, Axelrod and Obama are working overtime trying to figure out every angle to get this passed. Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are holding countless meetings in an attempt to find a way to still manage to ram this disaster down the throats of the American people and come out smelling like roses instead of sewage.

Democratic leadership must convince enough of their cronies that they can push this through and their own political futures will not be put at risk. They must convince them that what happened in Massachusetts last night was a fluke that resulted from Martha Coakley and her staff mismanaging the campaign. The scary thing is there are going to be some that will be convinced or convince themselves that this is really what happened.

This election was not Brown’s to win but in fact Coakley’s to lose. I agree with Greta van Susteren and her comment last night that Coakley had some gaffs but she was done in more by those in Washington that cut the Cornhusker Kickback and the Union Cadillac Tax exemption deals than her own gaffs.

I said a couple of weeks ago that there is no longer such a thing as a Moderate Democrat in Washington. I still believe that there a few Centralist Democrats in Washington. You are asking yourself what the difference is. My personal definition of a Moderate Democrat is a Democrat that will vote with his party until the party comes in conflict with his or her own morals. A Centralist Democrat is a Democrat who will vote with his party until the party goes against his or her beliefs in what is best for the country. There is not one Moderate or Centralist Democrat in the Senate. They have no morals and they only care about themselves and their agenda. Again in the House, I do not think there is any Democrat that has morals. I think they have all sold their souls to their party. I do think that there are maybe two or three in there that would not in good conscious go against their own beliefs and ideas of what is good for America, though only Heath Shuler comes to mind at the moment.

Is the White House and party elite going to be able to convince the Democrats in both houses to trust and believe that they have their backs and their seats are safe in order to push this legislation though? Only time will tell. The only things certain now is that the Democrat party elite do not want to scrap this bill and will do everything within their power to see it signed into law by the State of the Union address.

Time for one more play, be safe and kick the field goal (scrap the bill in its current form and rewrite it in a bi-partisan fashion) or put it all on the line and go for the win (try to shove it down the people’s throats in its current form) and risk their own political careers in the process.

15 yards, 45 feet. There are 45 Democrat Senators that must be convinced to put their careers on the line in order to push this through. 5 already know they are gone at the end of their terms and will not care and one Vice President in the event of a tie who also knows his political career has come to an end.

There may be some of those 59 Democrat Senators who will claim to have heard the voice of the people, but as I said a few weeks ago, no matter what they say, they don’t care about the people and what we think, their only concern is covering their own backsides.

Stay tuned folks, this game is not over yet.


Barb P said...

Someone needs to send Nancy to work at Star-Kist, to say she is a bit "fishy" already, well anyway!!!! Why is it so hard to stand one's 'own' ground, I guess you just let "your team" down and do the thing the "fans" want you to do....

Michael Lantz said...

We need more Conservatives in the Senate and the House,not go along to get along Republicans.I think that we ought to send the Rino's like John McCain and others out to pasture.