Tuesday, January 19, 2010

One man’s ascension to power

One man’s ascension to power
Al Ritter

I was born outside the country I lead

I was raised by my mother and mistreated by my father

I associate with the religion of my parents, but changed my allegiance later in life

I lived a carefree bohemian lifestyle in my adolescence

I have little past history to share about my youth

I went from school to school never finding my place until later in life

I adopted my political beliefs from my surroundings

I secretly hold distain for those who support me, based on capitalism and race

I use the capitalistic system to obtain my power, but disavowed it after completing my mission

I speak out against capitalism, and embraced the average worker, and industrialists

I wrote my autobiography in my early adult life

I followed the socialistic writings of a major living icon

I never obtained praise from actual successes, only perceptions

I appeal to all to gain the powerful status, then, abandoned them as goals were obtained

I was groomed by a mentor on how to dress, how to walk, and how to speak in public

I have an oratorical gift rivaled by none, and refine it as time goes on

I believe I am entitled to the position, by the “will of the people”

I appeal to everyone on unity and patriotism, and change

I have demonized every group that doesn’t support my ideals, and policies

I have systematically banished, or eliminated every threat to my political security

I have appointed a spokesperson to tell the people what is the truth and what isn’t

I keep files on those I consider to be my enemies

I sealed my personal records early in my career, especially my genealogy and health records

I rose to power during a time of economic downturn, by blaming the other party for its inception

I declared the communists as corrupt and dishonest

I have shown blatant racism publicly, and refused to apologize for it

I gave the public a new icon to replace the one that represented the poor policies of the past

I have violated the Constitution by using appointees rather than elected officials, thereby securing one party rule

I have violated the Constitution by combining the Legislative and Executive branches of the government

I have purposely installed Muslims in the military because they show a “determination and drive”

I have united the people under the massive unemployment, and promised them success based on borrowed debt, and a pride of country, and hope

My actions are those of a Narcissist, I micro manage everything from large to small and belittle all those opinions contrary to mine, even when failure is certain

If all this seems familiar, then history hasn’t escaped you!
"The man who has no sense of history, is like a man who has no ears or eyes" - Adolf Hitler

Source: Wikipedia easily verified


Kevin said...

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cary said...

man is THIS creepy!

cary said...

I'll give you one thing Al, LOL, ya got big cojones!