Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Does Poverty Follow Democratic Strongholds?

Does Poverty Follow Democratic Strongholds?
Al Ritter

In the last election in Maryland, Baltimore County for the first time was almost lost to the Democratic incumbent. Baltimore County has always been known as the Republican stronghold, but 2010 told a different story.

Shortly after the election the census results became public, and they showed almost a 2% jump in poverty in Baltimore County. It is no secret that Baltimore City, Prince Georges, and Montgomery County are the democratic areas that sway the whole state blue. It is also no secret that these counties are some of the largest poverty areas of the state.

With poverty creeping into new areas the state becomes eligible for more and more federal funds, which makes Maryland more and more dependent on federal funds to survive. This situation seems a natural for the political environment of this point in time. Change is inevitable the political winds blow differently on the federal level from decade to decade. The sad part is that Maryland’s political wind only blows in one direction, and has since 1959…….it blows from the left.

Rather than seeking a more bipartisan approach Maryland is true blue, seeking continual destructive social programs that will someday fall on deaf ears in a Republican controlled Whitehouse. As we know a democrat has never met a social program or a tax he doesn’t like. History has shown us that programs are seldom cut, and taxes only rarely. The question is, where will the money come from once the sympathetic ears are gone in the Whitehouse, and the democratic states are FORCED to live within their own means?

The answer is simple, they will come for YOU!

What came first? The areas of poverty, or the Democratic leadership?


barb p said...

Where to run to??

turk182 said...

Democrats are the new slave owners, they offer social incentives in exchange for government dependancy and a vote.

MoCo Conservative *an endangered species* said...

New slave owners...they have just been on hiatus.

The poverty pimps give up just enough to keep you needing them but not enough to be free of them.

These Gov't Cheese programs are so great how come we don't hear about all the success stories??????