Monday, March 7, 2011

Once Again Obama embarrasses the U.S.

Once Again Obama Embarrasses the U.S.
Al Ritter

It appears as though President Obama is involved in yet one more shady deal this time involving the State Department and the Department of Justice. Almost two years ago Secretary of State Clinton proclaimed that most guns used in the drug cartel violence in Mexico had in fact come from America, which was later proved to be a false claim.

I’m not sure if that disproval was viewed by Clinton as a personal embarrassment or not, but what has followed has been not only an embarrassment to our government, and probably illegal, but may serve to be President Obama’s “contra affair.”

When a senior federal ATF agent turned whistle blower this week, he exposed a plan approved by ATF, and the Department of Justice tagged “operation fast and furious.” This plan was supposed to show a gun trafficking highway by introducing smuggled firearms into Mexico to see where they ended up. Except there was one little detail the government plan hadn’t planned for………that one of those firearms were responsible for the deaths of two American Border Agents and critically injuring two others. It seems an AK-47 in the hands of a drug cartel employee was one of the very firearms smuggled into Mexico by our own ATF and DOJ operatives!

If this has been some sort of convoluted plan to attempt to show Americans the evil nature of firearms, it has certainly been and underhanded attempt to circumvent the second amendment of our Constitution.

The irony that surrounds this action is that Mexico is one of the many countries of the world where guns are totally banned, like Canada, and England. All countries that have banned guns are running rampant with crime, and this specific example is the reason our border patrol agents weren’t armed at the time of their attack.

President Obama had to be aware of such a high level operation and has shown his wanton disregard for not only international law, but a disrespect for the citizens in THIS country. I wonder how President Calderon feels about Obama after these new details have come to light after last week’s meeting.


barb p said...

This was/is so very stupid!!!

cary in catonsville said...

I hear that Sen Grassley is intent on holding congressional hearings on this sting operation, I sincerely hope someone is held responsible for this complict government involvement in the death of those two border patrol officers!

Anonymous said...

another show of disrespect for US citizens, but Obama not required to comply.....