Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Kevin Bryant

I find myself questioning why people like myself, Al, and most importantly, YOU even bother voicing our political views? The party elite in both the Republican and Democrat parties doesn't care what we think. The majority of Americans want the military out of the middle east, but instead of talking about getting out, they launch missiles in Libya now. The American public has grown tired of military operations being led by a bunch of bureaucrats ensuring that no victory is possible. So, government once again does what they want and the majority of Americans be damnned.

The majority of Americans support a balanced budget amendment to the constitution. The proposal can't get majority support from either party. Why should congress want to balance the budget. Heaven forbid they do what they say they will do. They can't actually do it though because that would severely limit their ability to buy votes, support pet projects and fund other things that government has not business being involved in at all. 535 people in congress, 435 could care less what we think.

John Boehner - I said a couple of months ago that he needs to be voted out of office and they can take out his butt kissing shadow Eric Cantor as well. What I have seen since making that statement is they have exceeded my expectations and have proven themselves to be more spineless than a jellyfish. They refuse to touch entitlements as a means to cut the deficit. They refuse to stand up and demand more drilling in the gulf and in Alaska. They refuse to utter a word about all the unconstitutional things the Obama administration is doing like declaring carbon dioxide as a hazardous gas that they can regulate.

There are some in government that care about "WE THE PEOPLE", but that number is so small that they have no effect on policy. They couldn't stop TARP or anything a majority of Americans were against. God bless them for standing on principal.

We fought a war against England partially because we were tired of serving a tyrannical government. Do the idiots in Washington realize they are driving this country into another revolutionary war, only this time against our own government. This revolution is not going to come from the left, it's not going to be lead by the youth uprising against the establishment. It's going to be led by those my age who continue to see this country that we love and support decline more rapidly that Rome did. The funny thing about this war is there will be no dividing lines. No North verses South or black verses white or upper class verses middle class. The only dividing line will be those who believe in a self governing republic against those who believe in socialistic government rule.

Our government is completely out of control. It is out of control on the federal level in all three branches. It's out of control at most state levels right on down to our local governments. Our court system no longer looks to the constitution for answers. It looks to case law to justify sidestepping the constitution or refuses to hear a case at all. Our own Supreme Court, our last line of defense against an ever instrusive government is no longer the guardians of constitutional rights.

I don't know why Al continues to voice his political opinion and I'm not stupid enough to think I can answer why you do. In my case, I do it for love of God, Country and Family. God gave us the abilty to think for ourselves and the ability to govern ourselves. This country has afforded us the right and ability to exercise those abilities granted to us by God. Our families are our primary source that we look to and look at when we make decisions that will have a direct effect on them. We owe the generations of the future the same rights to exercise these abilities bestowed upon us by God. We owe them a country where self governing is king, not someone. It is my opinion that we dishonor those generations before us, we dishonor our country and our families and future generations if we leave them anything less than a country where our constitution reigns supreme.

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