Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Anniversary of Al’s Political Views

Anniversary of Al’s Political Views
Al Ritter

It hardly seems real that 3 short years ago I started writing political opinions. I was driven to write as Al Gore’s “Inconvenient Truth” hit the movie theatres. I independently did investigative work after it was reported that his movies contained so many falsehoods. This started the website and triggered me to write almost on a daily basis.

Shortly after I began writing for the and in just one short year wrote some 650 articles for them. Shortly after I was censored I cut all interaction with them, and continued to write articles on my own. With help from Kevin Bryant we turned up the heat on the liberals in the next year, and continued to add writers to the blog.

With three years now in the kiddie, the blogsite now has some 600 articles in archival form, ready to be accessed by anyone with the drive and need to find out about a particular subject. The archive can be accessed from the top of the blog page on the right just under our critically acclaimed conservative blog award!

I want to thank my faithful readers along with my contributing writers, Kevin Bryant, Grant Burmer, and Louis Lazarus, we couldn’t succeed without you! Here’s to many more years and another 1200 articles!


barb p said...

Thank you Al...I find your articles so informative, and I know the statictics are research anything you print and that is great!!! So - my thanks to you and Kevin!!

pamela m said...

Wow, 3 years!!!!!
Congrats Cuz!

cassie k said...


jeff c said...


Thanks for all your good work. Anytime you have a question on energy issues, policy, technology, please feel free to tap into my 30 plus years of experience in that area.

You can contact me either at this transition to retirement job email address or my permanent private email address shown above.


republican patriot said...

Thanks Jeff, I hope you approved of the last 3 part article on energy subsidies

debra b said...


And Happy Anniversary!
I look forward to everyone of them and will continue to follow you.

Thank you for being a "voice" for many!

Kevin Bryant said...

Al - Happy Anniversary. Now that demands for my time has greatly increased both at work and home, I find myself coming up with what I think would be great blogs to write for the site, but no time to actually sit down and do it, except for the occasional one or two a month. Reading your posts as well and Grant and Louis's has made me miss it even more. You all do a great job. Keep it up. I look forward to reading your posts for many more years and maybe I'll get the chance to write a couple in the future as well.