Friday, April 29, 2011

Obama’s Birth Certificate Means Nothing!

Obama’s Birth Certificate Means Nothing!
Al Ritter

The recent release of Obama’s birth certificate means nothing in the general picture. It might be real or it could be a fraud, but the result is the same, nothing legally would be done if it was a forgery in the remaining part of Obama’s presidency. It’s clear that the Supreme Court won’t touch this issue with a 20 foot pole, from the past cases they have passed on. Why should we assume anything will change now? The conservative Supreme Court Justices have made a few cryptic inferences that there IS a way to present the challenge, but nobody has done so yet. Why continue another 2 years down the road in court cases doomed to failure?

Unfortunately the framers of the Constitution make a few mistakes in crafting the prerequisites to be President of the United States. First off they never included a definition of what constitutes a natural born citizen, and secondly they never spelled out a vehicle for candidates to supply the needed documents to prove eligibility to be placed on ballots of the office of the Presidency.

Interestingly enough the Constitution offers another avenue to assure compliance. State sovereignty is the key to elections, each state may chose the way they conduct elections, and the Constitution doesn’t differentiate between federal elections and state elections. This offers an interesting twist to Presidential requirements. If each state requires proof of eligibility to be placed on a Presidential ballot, this non sense of who was born where could be finally put to rest.

We wouldn’t even need every state to draft such a law, this would only be needed in a few key political states, Iowa, Ohio, or Texas could be the turning point of this issue. We need to put this to rest, accept what we are saddled with for the next two years, but fix the problem for future elections! Who can possibly disagree with following the Constitution to the letter of the law?.........Yea I know, stupid question!


Louis Lazarus said...

I think you might be surprised at what happens. Let's just say "it ain't over 'til it's over".

Have a great weekend.

barb g said...

There is NO stamp on that birthcertificate which makes it NOT legal. However, as you know the Liberal lawyers, judges etc will cover up for this FRAUD as long as he is in the White House.

barb p said...

A real head shaker!!! Very sad!!