Monday, August 2, 2010

America, Now the Land of Pick and Choose Laws

America, Now the Land of Pick and Choose Laws
Al Ritter

We are a nation of laws, and yet this Administration sees fit to pick and choose which ones to enforce.

Whether it relates to campaign finance laws, voter intimidation, illegal immigration, or tax fraud by the very people who write those laws, the Obama Administration is using the “pick and choose” method to actively pursue the law.
For almost two years Barack Obama, has been blurring the line between the three branches of Government that our Forefathers saw as autonomous entities that should never be breached.

This cannot be claimed as ignorance of the law as there are 150 attorneys work from the Whitehouse, more than have ever been used in the past. The Administration knows the law, and more importantly knows the way around it.

The way Eric Holder looks at the law is to challenge the ones that the President and he wish to, and to ignore the ones they don’t agree with. It’s a win, win situation for them as they have a 50/50 chance for a favorable ruling based on the political leaning of the presiding judge. They challenge with no concern for the money being spent because it isn’t theirs……it’s OURS!

President Obama is clearly working against the laws of the nation. I give the two examples of the takeover of GM and Chrysler, circumventing the entire bankruptcy court system to forge a settlement that favored unions rather than the secured investors. The President has also pushed the line on legality of Executive Orders, as a way of circumventing the legislative branch on unpopular laws.

We as a country need to take back our Constitution that is now being held ransom by progressive liberals. We as a country need to retake our place as the most powerful nation on this earth. We as a country need to work with some moral compass, not just some feeling of social guilt. We as a country need to return to the REPUBLIC envisioned by our forefathers rather than a semi-socialistic European Nation. We as a county need to retake the government from the group who seeks to “fundamentally change it.”


barb p said...

Yes we sure do....

Kevin said...

We spend our hard earned money defending America against our own government while they spend our tax dollars fighting against us.