Friday, August 6, 2010

Shot Down In Flames

Shot Down In Flames
Kevin Bryant

I read the other day where once again, the average citizen’s opinion means absolutely nothing to any branch of government, state or federal. If we aren’t getting shafted by the legislative branch we are getting called ignorant by the executive branch and when they aren’t hammering us, we have judicial branch dismissing voter referendums.

How many times do the people in California have to tell the state that they do not want legalized gay marriage? The California judicial branch once again says that they don’t care what the people think. They are determined to shoot down any attempt to pass Proposition 8. I guess that the California courts don’t want to be considered less liberal than that of Massachusetts, Iowa and the other states that didn’t care one bit what the populous think on the subject.

My thoughts, I am personally against gay marriage. Before you start thinking “That Kevin, he’s nothing but a hate spewing homophobe”, let me explain my position. I have nothing against the gay and lesbian life style. How you choose to live your life is of no concern of mine so long as it does not have a direct negative affect me or my family. Why am I against gay marriage? If you believe in God and the bible, then you must believe that the institution of marriage was created by God with the expressed purpose of joining a man and a woman in “Holy” matrimony. I happen to believe that there is a God and the bible is the word of God. You go to a wedding and what is almost always said: “we are gathered here in the presence or site of God”. God didn’t make Eve & Joe and then tell Adam to choose who he wanted to be with. Why then would I believe that God would bless a same sex marriage?

Here is the other part. As you all know, I am also a strong supporter of State’s Rights. I am also a supporter of “Civil Unions”, and that unions are granted all the rights and privileges equal to that of a marriage. As like a marriage, a license for the union must be obtained from the authorized state agency and be placed on file. The union must be administered by a person empowered by the state to administer such a union. If the unionized couple no longer wishes to be a couple, they must be granted a divorce by the state in accordance with same rules and regulations that apply to a married couple getting a divorce.

Marriage on one hand and Civil Union on the other, what really is the difference? In my humble little opinion, there is none other than the term “Marriage”. One ordained by God, and the other by the state. Everyone is different yet all men are created equal. Therefore can we dispense with the screaming matches over using the term “Marriage”? They would both be equal in the eyes of the law. Otherwise if the gay and lesbian community persist in their demand to use the term “Marriage”, then why don’t they cease having Gay Pride Days, Gay Parades, Gay Bars, Gay this and Gay that……..

Most would be willing to accept Civil Unions under the agreement that is was equal to a marriage and recognized in all states. Most would be willing to not give up their gay pride days and parades and stuff, but would welcome equal time for straight pride days and straight parades and such. Unfortunately, there is the radical element that will shout down the majority that is willing to compromise.

The radical element does not want equality. They demand favoritism, yet what have they done to deserve favorable treatment? Equality is all most Americans are going to give gay community but for those radical few, this is unacceptable.

California is beyond just being broke, yet millions in tax payer dollars have been spent on this matter. Why? So what if the judicial branch of the state of California legislates from the bench. If the couple decides to move to Nevada or some other state, Oooooo, your “marriage” is no longer valid. Until the federal government decides to make marriage and civil unions separate but equal in all aspects, this fight is just going to needlessly continue to waste more millions of tax dollars through


barb p said...

These are very valid points and I totally agree with your feelings. I have voiced my opinion many times when this subject has been brought up in my presence. Such a waste of time and money.

Tracy said...

This is the second time I'm frustrated by this same issue in regard to gay marriage; why allow Californians to vote, if we vote one way, but then are over ruled?