Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Code is Wrong

The Code Is Wrong
Kevin Bryant

Kaffee: Did you assault Santiago with the intent of killing him?
Dawson: No, sir.
Kaffee: What was your intent?
Dawson: To train him, sir.
Kaffee: To train him to do what?
Dawson: To train him to think of the unit before himself. To respect the code.
Kaffee: What's the code?
Dawson: Unit. Corps. God. Country.
Lt. Weinberg: I beg your pardon?
Dawson: Unit. Corps. God. Country. Sir.
Kaffee: The government of the United States wants to charge you two with murder. And you want me to go to the prosecution with unit, corps, God, country?
Dawson: That's our code, sir.
Kaffee, Lt. Weinberg: It's a code

I love the movie “A Few Good Men” and every man and woman that wears a uniform and defends this great nation will forever hold a place in my heart. But something is wrong with the code in which they talk about. Take a minute and see if you know what it is.

What you see above is the same thing that has been happening in this country for going on 100 years now. Why isn’t God the first thing listed on the code instead of unit? If Dawson was Jesus and Kaffee was some Roman soldier, do you think Jesus would have listed his disciples before his heavenly father?

But that is the way things are today, more and more we look for things to replace God as the highest priority in our lives. Much too often today, people turn to government for answers instead of looking to God for them. Judges used to have both a book of law and the bible with them on the bench, but they no longer have the bible. People used to help their neighbors when there was a crisis as God intended but now all it seems we want to do is sue our neighbors if their kid’s baseball accidentally breaks a window.

Those that have never read the bible believe that government is the answer to all problems. Those that have read the bible believe that the government is the root of most problems.

This country was based of Christian principals but you can’t have any outward displays of God in the schools or government buildings. We have replaced Merry Christmas with Happy Holidays or Season’s Greetings in stores and town squares. Nativity scenes have been replaced with a mechanical waving Santa and other brightly lit decorations.

In our courtrooms you would get less protest if you were to display Miss June from Playboy than you would the 10 commandments.

Government will continually put itself at the head of the list of people and places to turn to in times of trouble unless we remove them from the list and place ourselves there. Just lost your job? By all means apply for unemployment but then look to your neighbors for a hand up before you start looking at government for a hand out. I’m not catholic but if I had a moral issue or knew something that was weighing heavily on me, I would certainly talk to a priest about it before I would even consider a government social worker.

If we turn to government for assistance as anything but a last resort, then it is us who have the messed up priorities in life and we deserve whatever it is that government dishes out.


barb p said...

I truly believe this is true.....sad, but very true

pamela m said...

I think the Code is right in that the "unit and the Corp" protect a soldier. You pray to God and hope he will keep you safe but military wise your unit and the Corp are more immediate. As to the rest of your article I wholly agree.