Friday, December 16, 2011

Keystone Pipeline: Is Obama Dumb or Stupid?

Keystone Pipeline: Is Obama Dumb or Stupid?
Kevin Bryant

More percentage of Americans own cars than in any other country in the world, it's no secret. Middle class in America would be upper class in many parts of the world. So much of America's prosperity is because of our ability to produce energy. It's safe to say that energy is a major part of what drives our economy. President Obama and his administration is essentially waging war on our energy. Is it dumbness or stupidity on the part of President Obama and his administration to want to mess with that?

Every person in America that understands what the Keystone Pipeline project is about knows how vital it is to the United States and North America. Canada produces oil that America needs. America buys it and the money goes into Canada's economy. Because the United States isn't importing it from 7000 miles away and having to use supertankers to move it, it would cost less money getting the oil to our refineries, thus lowering the prices of heating oil, electricity, plastic products and gasoline for consumers and industries. Is it dumb or stupid for an administration not to want to help lower the price of oil based products and byproducts for consumers?

If Canada is not able to move their oil directly to the United States, then it becomes available on the open market and a massive majority of it will end up being consumed in India and China. If we in the United States do not use it and China and others do, even the environmentalist who detest the use of fossil fuels in general would have to admit the pollution from usage of the oil would be greatly enhanced if it were used overseas and foreign economies would therefore be the beneficiaries. Is it dumb or stupid for an administration that claims to care about the economy and the environment would advocate helping foreign countries become richer while producing tons of pollution that dirty up the air we all breathe while restricting their own citizens and even those here illegally opportunities of prosperity while further endangering their health?

The administration's own EPA department has spent countless millions of dollars over the past three years studying the pipeline and the environmental effects it would have on our nation. The EPA approved the project. The principal owners were happy with the plans. The engineering and construction companies were all on board and eager to get started. The state governments where the pipeline would run were eager to get some 20,000 unemployed workers off assistance and have them start earning wages and paying taxes. Is it dumb or stupid for the administration to kill or postpone the start of some 20,000 jobs this country vitally needs?

For the past three years I have been scratching my head wondering about the actions of President Obama and his administration. I still can't make up my mind if they are dumb to the facts on so many subjects or are they all just plain stupid.


barb p said...

Or is it "both"?

grant burmer said...

He is both Dumb and Stupid, as a Communist it is in their general make up.

joe o said...

The answer to the above question is YES, dumb and stupid!!

Anthony said...

Why aren’t the so-called "protesters" complaining about the biggest polluter in the world – China? The construction is advantageous not only for the US but for Canada as well and if we want to give our economy a real boost after the crisis the construction of the pipeline will be one of the crucial steps we have to take considering that the energy sector in Canada contributes a great deal to the country’s trade surplus every year.