Thursday, April 19, 2012

Uncle Ted Threatens the President?

Uncle Ted Threatens the President?
Al Ritter 

Sometimes Ted Nugent is funny, and sometimes Ted is crude, sometimes he is abrasive, but last week he was dead on point. I am not on board with his selection for President, but I think he sees November as America’s last stand on personal freedom. I fear he may be right. 

Ted sees everything that has been done, and every law that has been passed in the last 3 ½ years is against EVERYTHING that our forefathers envisioned for our country. Ted claims that the Obama Administration has “wiped their ass with the constitution.” Crude? Well of course it is, but Ted’s words are mere symptoms of the frustration that most logical Americans feel. 

Recently a law was passed through congress that makes it a FELONY to voice your constitutional right to give your opinion of our government in the presence of both the president and the Secret Service. The scary part of all this is that it got a majority vote from both democrats and republicans! Let that sink in a moment…….BOTH parties voted to VIOLATE the Constitution based on prerequisites that they agreed on! Worst is the idea that they have limited our freedom for one person’s benefit…….the President! 

Based on this abusive law of power, Obama this week saw fit to threaten Ted Nugent based on the following comment; “if Obama is reelected within one year I will either be dead or in jail.” Obama has now called out the primary dogs from the secret service to investigate a “threat made on the president.” 

From the very beginning of this statement I assumed Nugent meant that he felt threatened and would be in fear of his own life or false imprisonment from the Obama Administration if Obama were reelected. 

The spin that came from the Whitehouse on this issue was that Nugent inferred that he would be dead because he tried to kill Obama. Now this sure is a far stretch from his actual words. I’ll let you decide what he meant as you listen to his direct words on YouTube.


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the secret service claim is rediculous!.....ever hear the word metaphor?

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