Monday, February 20, 2012

Where Are Our Heroes?

Where Are Our Heroes?
William Grant Burmer

Over the many years I have lived upon this earth I have had the privilege of being introduced to various characters of fame and fortune; many of no fame or fortune, and most all from books, fairy tales, and most importantly Scripture. Many of the stories and their characters portrayed in them might be considered worthy role models for a young “skull full of mush,” as Rush Limbaugh does so often pontificate. Not all could be categorized as heroes, none the less most demonstrated a core moral code worthy of imitation.

Where oh where might this code of conduct come from, what is it that creates for us the character we all can agree upon makes us want to follow, or be followed as a person worthy of such honor? For most reading this commentary the answer is obvious but let me continue.

Many of our role models of today come from the Movies we see, the actors, singers, sports and Political arenas, and even some of the video games we play. Unfortunately too many of the individuals thus portrayed, after careful scrutiny, are eventually discovered to be hollow substitutes, unworthy of example, or the esteem given them, especially by today’s media. I am being kind by saying they are for the most part course in their language, abusive to themselves and others, and lack any moral character; all the wealth and power in the world notwithstanding.

Who am I to make such a statement? Being imperfect, a Christian living in a politically correct society, as a casual observer, a conservative by nature, concerned citizen, and one who served honorably in the service of my country which I love, and a historian, methinks qualifies or justifies my previous remarks.

I will conclude pontificating with this statement, God lives, we are his children, America is and has been great because men like myself and many of you, concluded over two hundred years ago that we could live in a Republic, even our founders. Our Constitution, our Declaration of Independence from England declares our belief that all men are capable of self government. We are far more capable than a single individual, or group might declare or dictate. Our Country is great because of our Christian Faith, our hard work, and belief that goodness and virtue exists and should be taught from an early age. Heroes are found in our homes, our churches, and communities. They ought to be found in our government institutions by those worthily elected to protect and serve us. Remember this, our next President is elected to protect and preserve our right under God to live worthily of ourselves. He will also need a Senate and Congress who feel like wise. Be--Always Faithful.