Monday, February 13, 2012

Massive Hypocrisy Part 4

Massive Hypocrisy Part 4
Al Ritter

On March 1, 2010: “In the 21st century, high schools shouldn’t just make sure students graduate—they should make sure students graduate ready for college, ready for a career, and ready for life”….President Obama.

What a difference two years made as President Obama made the decision to allow 10 states to opt out of President Bush’s “No Child Left Behind” initiative. This initiative was enacted to make graduating prerequisites more stringent, and to raise the bar on students. One fifth of our nation is now exempt from a program designed to make our children once again competitive in the world market. What kind of signal does that send our children? That subpar performance will once again be accepted in the job market?

There is no affirmative action in the world hiring market that will assure our American children over the more educated children of say China. The world doesn’t work on a “bell curve” the way Obama assumes it does.

I have a better question still……why should students of the other 40 states be held to a higher standard than the ones from the 10 excused states? I thought Obama’s war cry said that everyone should be made to play by the same rules……Hypocrisy?......You bet cha!

Obama’s quote:

Obama’s initiative:


barb p said...

Just how many ways can this man prove to our country he is a jerk? It amazes me how he

just keeps "keeping on"...

kevin bryant said...

Correct me if I am wrong because it sure sounds like I am, but isn't the only way states are allowed to opt out is to have more stringent requirements in place than no child left behind mandates???

republican patriot said...

None of the states have adopted anything more stringent than "No Child Left Behind" just exchange that law for Obama's program "Race to the top", but of course he's offering money that we don't have borrowed on credit.....go figure huh?