Monday, February 25, 2013

Dear Patriots, HEADS UP

Dear Patriots, HEADS UP
William G Burmer

With all the talk about Religious Freedom, Freedom of Speech and Press, rights to peaceably  assemble and to petition the Government for redress of grievances, Guns, Guns rights,  the 2nd amendment and the right to bear arms,   I hear little to nothing about the actual wording of these Amendments in particular. 
The First ten Amendments to the Constitution became part of the Constitution after being ratified by the requisite number of States beginning September of 1789 and ending December 15th 1791.
I would like the reader to focus on the wording and perhaps put an end to the myth that the Congress, the Supreme Court or the President has any say about these rights, secured constitutionally.  Push comes to shove We the People did not grant any contravening authority with these regards to any branch of Government in our Republic.
The Wording is crystal clear beginning with the 1st Amendment "CONGRESS SHALL MAKE NO LAW RESEPECTING" establishment of religion, etc.  Beings how Congress is the only branch of government authorized constitutionally to make law; it automatically excludes the Supreme Court or the Executive Office to supersede their authority.  With respect to the Words "Shall Not" are repeated several times with respect to all of the Bill of Rights. It should be clear that if Congress is forbidden by law, so are the Executive and the Judicial.   
As for the 2nd Amendment regarding the right to "Keep and bear Arms" "SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED" is a pretty strong statement in and of itself.  Every law ever made by the Individual States, the Federal Government and the Supreme court are made null and void by this mere expression of SHALL NOT BE.   As for the word "infringed" its' definition by law and legal professionals is unambiguous.
  "SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED" means that no one, including all three branches of Government may "abuse the privilege, contravene, disenfranchise, force, incur, infract, interfere with, invade, seize, usurp, violate or encroach upon any person’s right to these protections. The Executive, The Judicial, and the Legislative Officers so elected, and or appointed, are and would be in violation of their OATH OF OFFICE; and should be held for treason to INFRINGE UPON THESE INALEANABLE RIGHTS. In short they cannot be taken away from us.
Let's not forget the Preamble to our Constitution which begins with "We the People" with these regards, and let us not be afraid to let our Representative, the Executive and Judicial forget for whom they are sworn to serve and protect. Any other event as regards to our rights constitutionally is in the Hand of God.  


barb p said...

As true as this is, Obama has proven over and over he is "above our laws"
and nothing will be done..he does as he pleases...

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