Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Thanks to all my supporters through thick and thin!

Thanks to all my supporters through thick and thin!
Eric Cary

I want to personally thank EACH and EVERY ONE of my supporters on Facebook, Obama was right; this certainly is one awesome campaign tool! My message was very simple, reduce state spending, give our residents lower taxes, and return jobs to Maryland.

Even though the message was sent on a nation-wide level, not much was changed in Maryland yesterday. As I said earlier this year, the Republican Party needs a MAJOR overhaul in the state to help bring up and coming candidates to the forefront. In some sections of my district no republican tables were even present at the polling places. If the party gives up in certain sections, nothing will ever change! The Republican Central Committee in Maryland and specifically the central committee in Montgomery and Prince Georges’ county needs a complete flushing and started anew. Republicans committee members can no long act as if they are a social club, they need to embrace young candidates, and they need to supply them with information resources, donor lists, and advice on how to best handle their campaigns to win and not just merely to “run.”

The resources in Maryland were sucked dry by the failure of Bob Ehrlich. It’s not that we didn’t want to see a republican in the governor’s seat, but we would have preferred a more conservative candidate, a moderate ex-governor wasn’t the answer. If I could run a very limited funded campaign with a very small crew, and challenge a super liberal California style opponent on her home turf and come as close as I did, big things COULD happen in Maryland, but they need a party that is well organized and is willing to WORK for their gains, and not sit back and hide from areas that aren’t so inclined to vote for republicans.

I travelled to 14 polling places yesterday, one polling place I campaigned at showed tallies at 7:00 pm of 431 democrats 39 republicans and 64 independents. I stuck it out, but sadly I heard one woman say that, “I just close my eyes and pull all the democratic levers.” In Maryland the idea of “my parents voted democratic so I vote democratic,” is still so prevalent because of historical ignorance, and poor research (if any.) Republicans, if they are succeed in Maryland need to educate as well as to show a clear path to individual independence and a gradual depletion of the dependence which has so tainted this state. We need to work to our strong counties and gradually work our way into the progressive liberal areas.

There ARE strong voices by the way of candidates in Maryland but they need help and not just lip service! If you have a candidate that you believe in support them with your money or volunteer service. You have to understand that in MD there are VERY few republican Political Action Groups, but there are hundreds of liberal PACS. This leaves only one way for republicans to raise money, and that is one dollar at a time from individuals through speaking engagements. Unfortunately there are only so many days in the year to do this in addition to doing all the other things that candidates do.

I am not discouraged by my run for office in the Maryland legislature, but I am disappointed at being left out in the cold by supposed republican groups who promised help and allegiance but supplied none. I ran an above board campaign based on my beliefs and morals, but my opponent was supported by the big money unions, the same type of money she is so against in private business. Her approach to politics is very hypocritical in nature it isn’t even funny. District 14 voted her in yesterday, I only pray they knew what they were getting……..but I fear they don’t, and now unfortunately for me, SHE is MY new senator!


barb p said...

I sure wish you the best in 'our' future...

Jim Scarborough said...

Al, I was unaware of Eric Cary’s campaign efforts as I am out in Frederick County now but he is saying what has been bothering me since I started to look into the structure of the Md. Rep. party about 2 years ago. We need to mobilize all of the Conservative voters in MD but there is no plan or structure to do this with the MD Republican organization we now have. It is full of “old thinkers” and we need to update everything to get into the 21st Century if we expect to make any changes here in Md. I could not find Eric’s E Mail address, so would you please forward my comments to him. I have already met with Don Dwyer and others on this subject and we have a base of interest to take on an effort to develop a State wide base of Conservative, not just Republican voters, who are interested in making a change here in Maryland.


turk182 said...

Thank you for your heroic run to try and save Maryland!