Monday, November 22, 2010

TSA: Total Sexual Assault

TSA: Total Sexual Assault
Al Ritter

Are we really safer using these scanners? In a recent report through the “freedom of information act” the scanners being used can’t even detect the PETN explosive that was used by the underwear bomber from last Christmas failed attack.

If the scanners can only identify hard objects, isn’t this an expensive, ineffective, and time consuming way of screening passengers? We use the TSA to search for the item that could cause the damage rather than to search for the person. Too many people in America feel that “profiling” is wrong under any circumstance, and have repeatedly used litigation to discourage its use.

Israel on the other hand, has no problem offering the passengers on Airlines originating in their country a totally safe attack free environment. Israel does profiling; they know and USE profiling to offer a more safe flight to their citizens and passengers flying in and out of their country. Their screeners use profiling, body language, and a barrage of questioning, to search out intent. The system works in Israel, as they have a 100% record of no attacks using this method.

We have involved politics into our system however, as the screening machines have come from primarily democrat areas in the North east, and the state of California under the Stimulus Plan of president Obama. Certainly no financial gain can be made by merely asking travellers questions, so this answers one huge question about why these expensive yet ineffective machines are being used.

First travellers are subjected to a metal detector, once you have passed that, a certain number of people are selected for additional random screening in the body scanner. Now with all the coverage last week of the TSA, you know what happens if you refuse to be body scanned………Total Sexual Assault……all in the name of safety? This humiliating procedure has proven to give NO additional safety to the screening process.

If we throw out all reason, logic, and the ability to profile people, what good does searching their body do? The TSA has readily admitted that the new scanners cannot find powdered explosives in soft packs on the body or inserted in soft pack within the body cavity, so why even use them, to merely detect composite weapons?

Israel is the world leader in terrorist prevention, so why do we ignore their procedures? Because there is no money in it!


Lance M Hillier Sr said...

Even more egregious and outrageous, it the process whereby the very-same people who have killed thousands of Americans over the past 15 years, are specifically exempted from the TSA and full body scans for modesty and religious reasons. We profile to exempt Muslims from the process; where is the sense in that?

barb p said...

Maybe we don't have enough 'intelligent' screeners?