Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Kevin Bryant

I am so sick of hearing leftist come back with the Oklahoma City Bomber Timothy McVeigh as justification for demanding that America abstain from profiling when screening for terrorist. There are always a few nut cases in every society. WAKE UP AMERICA, over the past 30 years, well over 95% of all terrorist attacks around the world lately has been committed by Muslims. I know, I am in trouble now and will forever be branded a racist for saying such a thing. I don’t mind though because facts support my position and when someone can prove me wrong beyond a shadow of a doubt with more updated facts than what I base my opinion on, then and only then will I change my mind.

Don’t for a second think that a majority of the Muslim community isn’t laughing behind our backs. They honestly believe that America is weak and Americans are stupid and na├»ve. The sad truth is, far too many are. There of course are some Muslims in this county that actually love this country and are thankful for the freedoms we have. Sadly they, like many communities, aren’t willing or they are too afraid to stand up and police their own back yards. I honestly don’t know what is worse, living in fear or living in a blind constant state of denial.

Why is there never a word spoken of or about conservative Muslims? Perhaps it is the same reason you never hear anymore about conservative democrats. They no longer exist. They have been absorbed into a larger group and stripped of their identity. There have to be some out there somewhere. Are they all too afraid to have their voices heard?

Thanks to the two previous administrations and the current one, if I were a Muslim terrorist it would not be difficult to plan and inflict almost an equal amount of damage to this country with the same number of extremist that rocked this country on 9/11.

Border security is a joke, especially on the southern border but I would use both. I would first plan for a two year operation to get people into the country and into place. Conduct all the surveillance necessary to plan my attack and then watch while horror and panic spread across the country in one mass attack.

Phase 1; over the course of a year, fly 100 people into Canada, Mexico, and Belize. Plan on losing about 25% of all my troops at the border, but with proper planning, I doubt I would lose that many but still plan for the worst. Leaving me 75 devoted Islamic followers left, I would then move them into sanctuary cities and major urban hubs that voted for Obama in the last election. The first wave of 20 to make it across would be my surveillance teams.

Phase 2; the next group of 20 would be elderly extremist couples. Have them actually enter the country legally. Have them apply for citizenship and blend in. These would be my anchors. They would bring stability to the operation and would not take part in any action. Use their legal status only when necessary for supplies and inside intelligence gathering.

Phase 3; bring in the rest of the team members. In two weeks time, educate them in what is to be done and carry out the mission.

75 people in the country plus me. I have had a year to get the supplies necessary to blow up several buildings. I would oversee the purchase of several used vehicles bought from individuals and not dealerships. Minus the 10 couples and myself, I have 54 potential bombers with cars loaded down with explosives. In one coordinated attack, I would hit major hospitals, churches, stadiums, arenas and other soft targets with potential casualties above 500 each in various cities I am operating out of. In one brief instant…….. Ka-Boom!!!!!! I have potentially killed over 25,000 in an instant.

Memo to Janet Napolitano – I don’t think your naked imaging and your perverted groping measures at airports could stop me. Plus, I have pieces in place to do it again and again and not you or Eric Holder or the administration in general have shown any evidence that you can stop me because you refuse to secure the borders and you refuse to profile.


barb p said... scary!!!

cary in catonsville said...

I've often said if you wanted to really screw up the east coast traffic detonate a bomb in the Harbor Tunnel on 95 in MD, the resulting traffic overload on 695 would be total gridlock