Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Damage Control Response

Damage Control Response
Kevin Bryant

I guess the piece I wrote a couple of weeks ago struck a nerve with a reader. Though I won’t use this gentleman’s name (mainly because he never told me his name), this person wrote me directly to inform me that he did not appreciate my treatment of John McCain. To this reader, I just say this:

I have as much love of country and admiration for those that serve in our military as anyone I know. Though I have never been a prisoner of war or shot down in combat, I too served this country and have the upmost respect for those who served before me and those serving today.

I do not have a problem with John McCain the serviceman or John McCain the American Hero. My problem with John McCain is his progressive nature while hiding behind the Republican Party and refusing to acknowledge the very fact that he is a liberal leaning moderate progressive. Like I said before, McCain, Graham, The Maine Twins – Collins and Snowe and now add Scott Brown to the mix and you have the 5 major RINOs in the US Senate. In my opinion, they need to go. I really hoped that JD Hayworth would have unseated McCain, not because of his service to county in uniform, but because of his service in the US Senate.

If John McCain really wanted to do this country some good, he would not fulfill his entire term in office. Also I wish he would duct-tape his daughter Megan’s mouth shut as well. She is the poster child of the republican liberal progressives.

Mr. Website Reader, through 250 pieces I have written over a span of almost three years, I have never been personally attacked until now for giving an opinion on this site. I have always encouraged discussion and debate and welcome with open arms the comments and opinions of others. I share your concerns over what has transpired in this nation over the past 4 years. My concerns actually go back further, to the early 1900’s to be a little more precise.

McCain appears to be a favorite of yours and that is fine. Many people I know still believe that Obama ranks as one of the greatest Presidents this country has ever known. Though I do not share their point of view, I also do not attack them or make snide comments when an opening to do so presents itself.

I would much rather discuss and debate than name call and hide behind the made up email address of


republican patriot said...

Actually the article you wrote shows you are making a difference, it got on the nerves of a liberal, keep up the good work!

Louis Lazarus said...


John McCain has been a screwball his entire life. They almost drummed him out of the Naval Academy. He was a total f__k up as a pilot in VietNam. He's been a thorn in the side of right thinking people since Day 1. He is not a war hero at all any more than John "Staple" Kerry or Jack "Traitor" Murtha. He's a big disappointment and had it not been for him marrying into an alcohol distribution empire, he never would have been elected to any office. Please tell your reader to do some research on this goof ball. He'll find out every word you wrote was true...and then some.

barb p said...

What a shame!!!