Thursday, January 13, 2011

Etiquette according to the Obama Administration

Etiquette according to the Obama Administration
Al Ritter

Last night’s campaign kickoff for the 2012 elections were not only disgraceful, but an embarrassment to the American people. I personally can’t even remember a memorial service that included the playing of the national anthem. Barack Obama called his buddy Robert Shelton, University of Arizona President to put on an extravaganza for him in their football stadium.

In an effort to minimize Arizona Jan Brewer’s participation, and to maximize his “cult of personality” exposure, Obama claimed the event was to be a celebration of life and not to dwell on the death. That attitude is fine, but to start out with the National Anthem? After the National Anthem Obama paraded his cabinet before the people, Janet Napolitano; the Homeland Security Secretary, who offers no help on homeland security to the citizens of Arizona, to Eric Holder; our attorney general who couldn’t get a conviction of a man filmed with a billy club in front of a polling place. The constant cheering was way out of place too, I found myself wondering how many SEIU employees did it really take?

Using Rahm Emauel’s famous quote of never letting a good crisis go to waste, Obama not only used that quote, but expanded on it to include such things as branding and iconography…….what you say? Yes the media portrayed this campaign kickoff as a memorial service, but our commander-in-advertising had a different idea. You haven’t seen this in the main stream media so hold onto your hats.

The Obama administration had t-shirts made up to capitalize on the event. He even designed a cute little logo “Together We Thrive,” and distributed them at the memorial to every attendee. Oh and the concession stands were open too! Do you find yourself wondering who paid for all those t-shirts, or who benefitted from the concession sales?
This was nothing more than a dog and pony show for the administration to show off their muscle to Gov. Jan Brewer, on the surface she appeared as part of the ceremony, but privately she must be seething. This whole event was somewhat akin to “Little Abner goes to Arizona,” lacking the sophistication of even a hillbilly at a 5 star restaurant!


Kevin Bryant said...

Grading the event:
Speech - B+, Tone of Speech - A-, Use of Speech for Political Gain - A, Promoting Progressive Ideas - A, Insulting the American People - B, Insultiing the Families of the Victims - A, Promoting Hatred & Division - B+, Sticking to the Traditional Theme of Memorials - D.

barb p said...

So sad to say the least!!!!

Jim S said...

Now that was just about exactly right. What a shameful, disgraceful display.