Monday, January 31, 2011

Obama Set to Lose Yet another Country

Obama Set to Lose Yet another Country
Al Ritter

Jimmy Carter is the President that history has labeled the one who lost Iran. Because of the official American stance in 1953 to re-instate the dictator the Shah of Iran into power over a democratic president, the pot had been boiling. Then in 1979 when Carter made the decision to allow the Shah of Iran admittance into this country, (against the warnings of the American Embassy in Iran), for treatment of cancer, it triggered a firestorm.

A Radical Islamic student faction approached the religious arm of the government and plotted the overthrow of the government while the Shah was in America. They took the now famous 52 hostages from the American Embassy and held them for the last 444 days of Carter’s career. This was the beginning of the Islamic Revolution against America.
Although intent on “warming up” to the Islamic nations, President Obama is “being tested,” as Vice President Biden prophesied, early in his Presidency. The problem is however that Obama has widened the rift between Islamic nations. Obama will go down in history as the American President who has lost Turkey, Lebanon, and soon to lose Egypt if he travels down the same path of indifference.

History has already shown the similarities between Iran and Egypt. The question is…….will Obama show leadership, or will he continue on a path of destructive policies that puts American’s safety in the cross hairs.

His actions of the past two years have placed Americans in more danger than any President in the past, the question is, can he win here?

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