Monday, February 23, 2015

Obama Is One Step Away From Illegals Voting and You Have NO Say In It!

Obama Is One Step Away From Illegals Voting and You Have NO Say In It!
Al Ritter

Lest you think that Barack Obama is ignorant of the law, let me spin a tale for you, and in the end you can judge who is more uninformed about the law. 

There is something about President Obama’s Executive Proclamation on illegal amnesty that they don’t want you to know. They have created a diversion from the real intention of this action. They have built this diversion under the guise of equal opportunity employment regardless of citizenship. They have taken the role of showing America that they are above it all somehow, that they alone will be responsible for the moral high road of making America better through immigration, regardless of citizen status.
The Democrats WANT you to believe that this Executive Proclamation is nothing more than a pathway to give a poor immigrant a job, but in fact there is a far more ominous intention.
You may think you know what Barack Obama and his party are trying to do, but I assure you, that you missed something in the translation.
It’s been no secret of this Administration that they are intent on purposely deceiving you, and that they are masters of the “sleight of hand” tricks……… “Look over here while I am doing something over there.” Hardly anyone can deny this tactic, least of all Democrats. They sugar coat it, by calling it “just politics” but in actuality it is lying to the people plain and simple.
It is also no secret that Obama’s Administration has slowly eroded state sovereignty in favor of Federal Power. The Affordable Care Act is one of those erosions of state sovereignty. Before Obamacare there were no federal mandates for what had to be offered by all insurance companies in each state. Each state had their own mandates on what THEY required be put into ALL policies sold within their borders. Not many people at the time understood why insurance could be bought cheaper in some states than others, or why they couldn’t buy out of state insurance. Obama forced all states to not only have their mandates, but to accept his mandates in addition.
Well Obama’s Executive proclamation on illegal amnesty does some of that same thing that erodes state sovereignty. Part of the actions are to force all states to allow illegal driver’s licenses. At first that may infuriate you as thoughts of poor drivers with no insurance run through you head, but that is the sleight of hand I was telling you about. They WANT you to be concerned about that, when in fact the true issue never comes to light.
You see in 1993 a bill was signed into law called The National Voter Registration Act. In fact it was signed into law by none other than Bill Clinton. “What could be wrong with that you ask?” Maybe this may ring a bell with you…….this law is also known under another name. Does the name “Motor Voter Law” ring any bells? This law insured on a national basis that anyone conforming to a state’s individual rules to obtain a driver’s license would be automatically enrolled to vote. Many states didn’t allow illegals to drive so this wasn’t a problem until June 17th 2013.

“The NVRA requires States to "accept and use" a uniform federal form to register voters for federal elections. 42 U. S. C. §1973gg–4(a)(1). That "Federal Form," developed by the federal Election Assistance Commission (EAC), requires only that an applicant affirm, under penalty of perjury, that he is a citizen. Arizona law, however, requires voter-registration officials to "reject" any application for registration, including a Federal Form, that is not accompanied by documentary evidence of citizenship. Respondents, a group of individual Arizona residents and a group of nonprofit organizations, sought to enjoin that Arizona law. Ultimately, the District Court granted Arizona summary judgment on respondents' claim that the NVRA preempts Arizona’s requirement. The Ninth Circuit reversed, holding that the state's documentary-proof-of-citizenship requirement is preempted by the NVRA.[8]

On June 17, 2013, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled against Arizona in the case Arizona v. Inter Tribal Council of Ariz., Inc.. The Court held the NVRA preempted a 2004 Arizona proposition, Proposition 200. It was a ballot initiative designed in part "to combat voter fraud by requiring voters to present proof of citizenship when they register to vote and to present identification when they vote on election day." Purcell v. Gonzalez, 549 U. S. 1, 2 (2006) (per curiam). It was a 7-2 decision striking down the law. Justice Antonin Scalia wrote the majority opinion. Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito dissented.[8

In plain English the Supreme Court decision shot down a referendum in Nevada that required all driver’s requesting a state issued driver’s license to show proof of citizenship. If they declared they were citizens the state couldn’t demand to see proof. If you aren’t mad yet, you will be shortly. This was the first step in removing the requirements of an immigrant (legal or not) to obtain a license to drive.

Now the sleight of hand trick is the ability to get a license regardless of citizen status…..and they want us to see that is the problem.

Have you seen what they are doing in the other hand yet?

The driver’s license is the diversion……….the path to voting supplied by the National Voter Registration Act IS the target. If Obama has his way with his Executive Proclamation ALL immigrants illegally in this country will be able to vote, and the Congress had NO say in it!

You think Obama is stupid now?..........maybe you should have looked into this before!


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