Monday, February 9, 2015

Obama’s False Ideas of Islam and the Crusades

Obama’s False Ideas of Islam and the Crusades
Al Ritter 

We were told last week that “Should we get on our high horse we should know that terrible atrocities were perpetrated in the name of Christianity during the Crusades.” I must admit when I first heard those words uttered by the man that is supposed to protect and defend our way of life I was dumbfounded. It’s not like this man hasn’t dumbfounded me before because his Administration, his State Department, and his Department of Justice has lied to me on a regular basis, but this time is different. This time by this one statement he had admitted that his personal grasp of history is so distorted that he will NEVER be able to defend our way of life and protect us from the savagery of Islam.
He has purposely and willfully demonstrated time and time again that he will stand with the Muslims in just 14 short years after the most devastating attack of terror that was ever launched against this great country. He has demonstrated that his command of the English language doesn’t include the words:  “Radical Islam.” He has travelled to many countries in the Middle East during his first two years in office as our President and offered words of apology for the horrible actions of the United States of America to every Muslim controlled country.
Revisionist history is nothing new for this President, he continues each day to rewrite a chapter molded from the dreams of his father rather than live the writing of new history according to the will of the people he was sworn to protect. Bowing to Islam has proven to be not only futile, but genuinely fool hearty. There have been over 19,000 attacks in the name of Islam since 9/11 in the world. Is this a sign that the viciousness or barbarity is slowing because of our pacifist nature for the last 6 years?
I suppose the most ironic part of Obama’s speech the other day is that he thinks by his words the world will believe him rather than history. If he had merely said, “Remember terrible things have been done by ALL religions in the name of god.” That would have been a VERY true statement, and easily defendable by most scholars. But Obama’s statement carried a bias, a bias to the religion he holds dear to his heart, it doesn’t make a difference whether it’s a bias from the past or from the present, the result is the same.
He somehow viewed the Crusades as an act of cruelty perpetrated on the people of Islam. The crusades were horrible without a doubt but they were retaliation for the 548 battles the Muslims fought to drive the Christians from the world, while the Crusades represented just 16 battles, most of which were to regain the Holy Lands, that were raped and pillaged by Islam. The biggest problem of the Obama speech is that he is comparing the Crusades of 800 years ago against today’s Jihad by Muslims. In Obama’s mind this excuses the barbarity of their present day acts which is an absolute ludicrous assumption. Does Obama somehow believe that the Jihad today is justified by the actions of the Crusades 800 years ago? Obviously he does!
We have been thrust into a FAR more dangerous world by the naïveté of the sophomoric actions of this President than any other President in the past. Obama has given a foothold to Islam or “Radical Islam,” which ever you prefer to believe is the case. Nothing will change on this front as long as Barack Hussein Obama is still in office, and I fear another attack will happen on our soil before the bias towards Islam is purged from the Whitehouse.

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