Monday, November 16, 2015

Time for Gov. Hogan of Maryland to Step Up to the Plate!

Time for Gov. Hogan of Maryland to Step Up to the Plate!
Al Ritter 

I am happy that Gov Hogan is in remission from cancer. God knows I’m one who knows better than most and equally as many do that cancer is a tough adversary. Unfortunately Gov Hogan has been making non-stop paid and unpaid posts on Facebook about how he’s battling cancer and how he’s finally been declared cancer free. 

The sad part is that he’s been doing this at a point in time shortly after the Paris attack, when American citizens are looking for reassurance that their Governors are looking out for their best interests. 

Sadly Governor Hogan has only been extolling HIS best interests. We understand how tough cancer is to treat and beat, but this point in time isn’t about Gov Hogan, nor is it about his cancer treatment the Islamic Terrorism is about ALL Americans, and when President Obama frees 5 Gitmo detainees just hours after the Paris attack, every Governor needs to weigh in on the effect on their state, and how they react! 

Constantly reminding us how the Maryland tolls have been lowered isn’t you “swan song,” you need to do better. Declaring as a victory that taxes haven’t been raised is anti-climactic! Stopping democratic tax raising is duty not a victory. 

Your predecessor had 40 tax raises in his last year as Governor, maybe now with a 61% approval rating between democrats and Republicans you might start pushing your weight around. 

Maybe for a start today let’s deny any Syrian refugees, then go for a mandate to defund any and all cities who support sanctuary cities, after all this IS about the safety of your citizens right? 

Or will you sit back on your laurels and declare your victories based on your battle with cancer and the lowering of tolls?

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