Friday, November 27, 2015

Dear Patriots:

Dear Patriots:
William G Burmer 

The following was written by a long time PHD friend who practiced Clinical Psychology for a number of years.  Dr. Thom Carden is his name,  He is widowed and 84 years old, currently living in Colorado.   I received his permission to share his thoughts with you.  


     Article 2, Section 3 of our U.S. Constitution says that: "The President shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed."  Rather than executing a law, this President makes them up as he goes along, arrogating to himself that power which is explicitly enumerated to Congress. Within this unconstitutional power grab, we are moving far into the direction of rule by dictator. Obama's executive amnesty is the most public and egregious example of immigration lawlessness, thus far.    The Department of Homeland Security has proposed to allow the illegal aliens to have a new status called "legal presence".  This proposed title and his amnesty program represent a total abdication of the DHS responsibility to enforce the laws of the Land. 

     So far, what we have birthed in our nation is the "Secure Communities Program" whereby if an illegal alien has committed a crime and is jailed for that crime, an alert is sent to the Federal Authorities (I.C.E.)   who can ask that once the illegal has been convicted, and served the time,  he/she can be detained, rather than released, until the ICE can pick him/her up and start deportation.  But,  that has conveniently been kicked out by leftist "leaders" by so-called

 " Sanctuary Cities"  that refuse to release (Rather, they protect) illegal criminals to the Federal authorities, and politely turn them out on the streets to commit more crimes, even murder innocent citizens in cold blood, such was the case of Kate Steinle in San Francisco, July 14th this year. 

     Illegal aliens receive more un earned benefits in our country, now, than natural born, taxpaying, working Americans has a chance in hell of ever receiving.  Yet Obama continues  importing poverty and educational failure, people who have no desire to educate themselves, speak English, assimilate, embrace fully our Republic, or its Constitution; nor do they even try, nor have a desire to achieve success on their own.  I am aware of one Lady who has 6 children, lives on welfare, drives a new Lexus and receives over 60,00 a year from the state TAX FREE for her children.   One only need to look to California for the proof in the pudding. Over 50% of the California births are Hispanic, with a high percentage of these being to unwed young mothers on welfare as stated above. The educational achievement, there, was once the highest in America, but now is the lowest.  

     Every day, hundreds, even thousands of illegal's come over our Southern border to mingle and live off of our society.  Many of these are not Mexicans, but of several other country of origin,  including middle Eastern trained terrorists. --ISIS or ISIL,  Islam (or EVIL) 

     Earlier this year there were ISIS murder attacks in Paris. Currently, on Friday November the 13th, 2015, there were six coordinated attacks in Paris, once again to the unwarranted "surprise"  of many. Over 129 innocent civilians were killed in cold blood in that attack.  Oh, but that's OK, because the France's military killed "most" of the killers.  Hmmmm!   All those murdered will be a figment of the past  to most of us all over the world in only a few weeks or months  exactly as those murdered in Paris earlier this year, or the innocent Christians beheaded publicly, or.....?  as other atrocities of ISIS or illegal aliens fill the news.   

     It has been reported over and over that ISIS cells exist in, and all over, the United States. Why? because it's so easy for them to cross our borders unnoticed. 

      Following the recent  Paris attack, the former Assistant Director of the FBI, said to the American people on Fox News TV:  "It's only a matter of time before this happens here in our country."   Absolutely spot on!    

     As long as the president is behaving as an acting dictator  making laws on his own, rather than the Constitutionally appointed Congress of these United States, this will continue. As long as Obama chooses to distance himself from any atrocities against Christians and to dismiss and distance himself from radical Muslim and radical infiltrated Black uprisings and murders, we can repeat the announcement on TV that "It's only  matter of time. . . ." Obama's  expression on national TV after the Murders in Paris as "a temporary setback" is a National disgrace.    

    The assaults in Paris on 11-13 were not a TV drama, they were very real.  Dozens and dozens of families lost  a loved one to unconscionable evil  mass murderers that night.  ( But, gee whiz, folks, it wasn't the daughter of our illustrious president or his joker side-kick. effected ) So, how's the golf, game, Mr. President?   If he should decide on an "executive whim" to declare martial law on our country, we are in deep, I mean real deep trouble, deeper than ever imagined by any of  us, our ancestors, or the fathers of this great nation ever could conceive. 

     Wake up, Americans!!! How would you feel if Obama actually succeeded in creating in America via martial law,  what happened in Cambodia after we left Vietnam. His illegal actions along with illegal terrorists on the loose spells an unfathomable if not  insurmountable disaster  waiting to happen.  Think it can't happen----think again America. The way this President is acting makes the unthinkable nearly a virtual reality.    There are a vast number of incidents which, if the Congress had the integrity, could Impeach Obama for treason and tyranny today, he is the leader of lawlessness IN America along with his DOJ.  



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