Friday, May 15, 2009

How Am I Doing?

How Am I Doing?
Kevin Bryant

We see them every day, How is my driving – call 1-800 whatever or please take this customer satisfaction survey or call 1-800 and tell us what you think of our service or product. Do me a favor and tell me what kind of job I am doing. Do you think I am boring, long winded, way off the mark, I’m the reason Arlen Specter thinks the republican party is moving too far to the right? Doesn’t matter what you think. If you have read at least three opinions of mine, then you know I welcome comments, opinions and even criticism.

I’ve stated it before, I am not a writer. I’m certainly not getting paid to spout out my opinions. I’m a blue collar worker like many of you. I do this because I believe that every American not only has a right to their opinions, they have a duty to share them when it comes to the actions of our government. We all know that the main stream media is not going to allow the opinions of everyday citizens to be heard in great mass. They want to shut down every form of speech that does not follow the liberal agenda. I do this because I believe that common sense is dead and stupidity reigns here in the U.S. to such an extent that it is virtually impossible for a conservative point of view to be heard. I do this because I have hope that someday someone in a position to help advance common sense will notice what we as America’s main street really think.

How am I doing? I really do want to know what each and every one of you think. Send me an email. My email address is posted at the top of Al’s blog page. If you don’t want to do that, then post a comment and let me know.


barb p said...

Al, I think you and Kevin do a wonderful job. Many times you are ‘up on issues’ I know way too little about and you help to keep me ‘tune in and turned onto today’s issues. If someone has led you to believe you should not be doing this, by all means….don’t read your opinion or voice their own for others to consider. From me to you – keep up the good work..

A very interested reader,

republican patriot said...

I know I am happy to have Kevin helping me, and voicing our conservative opinions......

shawn said...

keep kickin butt Kevin!

Pattik said...

you keep tellin us about the conservative ideas......we will keep listening!