Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sniglets 19-09

Sniglets 19-09

Eric Holder on the hot seat
Eric Holder was grilled by a congressional panel last week after his suggestion to actually prosecute Bush Administration officials for the “torture issues.” Lamar Alexander questioned Holder rather pointedly about his role in the Clinton Era about transferring detainees to foreign soil for interrogation. Holder, like many his Administration said he didn’t recall how involved he was on that issue, but he would check into it and get back to him. Just like the comments like Barney Frank said about wanting to prosecute people involved in the banking crisis………be careful what you wish for!

Barney Frank (again)
Barney’s newest agenda is to legalize online gambling, but lest you think he is doing this from the goodness of his heart, or for his personal love of gambling, you would be sadly mistaken. With every politician comes an ulterior motive, and this issue is no exception. Frank intends to move what could have been state revenue (if the laws stayed the same), to online federal taxation, his intended initial amount is 2% of the gross amount wagered, creating yet another federal tax where there wasn’t one, and cheating the states out of their share.

Nancy Pelosi digging herself deeper
The speaker of the house not only lies, but now she has started the conspiracy theories. She is claiming that all the minutes from 40 meetings where she was present on the enhanced interrogation methods were somehow altered to make it appear as if she knew about the methods, when in fact she didn’t. Now either she is incompetent or just plain stupid or maybe a little of both, but the tail she is weaving now, borders on fantasy. This one just leaves you with your head shaking.

The ACORN never falls far from the tree
It was uncovered this week, that yet another scandal has unfolded in yet ANOTHER Acorn branch, this time in New Orleans. It seems that a former funeral home, is the base for some 270 profit and non-profit corporations, yes you read that right….. Owned by the Founders of ACORN Wade and Dale Rathke, one of the groups this building houses is called the Service Employees International Union, and had donated $33 million to the Obama Campaign. This represents the largest single donating group to his $640 million campaign. You draw the conclusion.

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Nancy is the big time liar and needs to go!