Monday, May 25, 2009


Kevin Bryant

Q: What did the fish say when he swam head on into a concrete wall?
A: Dam

For more than 100 days into his presidency, Barack Obama didn’t have to deal with criticism or anyone challenging his decisions. What little opposition that was given got perhaps a two second sound bite in the mainstream media and was dismissed as nothing more than those evil republicans blowing off steam because McCain had lost the 2008 presidential election.

On April 15th, more than 200,000 people across the nation stood up and protested the actions of the President, congress and our federal government in general with Tea Parties being held in every state. As hard as the Pelosi, Reid, Obama and the mainstream media tried, they could not dismiss them as nothing more than a few angry right wingers still reeling from the past election. Tea Party goers were called everything from rednecks to racists even though at every rally, all walks of life were represented. Though the voices of the people were finally heard, they were still ignored but could not be dismissed by the President and democrat controlled congress.

Well past his 100th day in office, President Obama continued to sound more like a politician on the campaign trail than the leader of a nation. He continued to blame the previous administration for everything that was wrong with or going bad in this country. The Blame Bush game that got him elected was still going strong and mainstream media continued to repeat and support all the lies and half truths with little opposition from anyone.

His first real awakening of opposition came with the threat of prosecuting previous administration officials over waterboarding and the release of the so-called Torture Documents. Some of Obama’s biggest supporters even questioned this move. The CIA agents expressed their displeasure of this action and even some in the media questioned the logic of this. When Obama started expanding on his lies and half truths in support of his decision to release the documents he did what Admiral Yamamoto feared his beloved Japan had done when the Japanese navy attacked Pearl Harbor on Dec 7, 1941. He was quoted as saying: I fear all we have done is awaken a sleeping giant.

Congratulations President Obama, you did awaken a sleeping giant and his name is Dick Cheney. On the homeland security front, Obama is the fish in the opening line. He hit a concrete wall and now he and his advisors are suffering from whiplash as a result. Obama, Gibbs, Emanuel and Axelrod have all tried to tackle Cheney head on with no success. They tried to spin Cheney’s comments to be used against him but that didn’t work. They all have attempted to out maneuver him in every direction, again with no success. They have resorted to the same style hope and change and transparency speeches that that got him elected with no success. Even the Blame Bush speeches yielded little or nothing in favor of this administration and added more fuel to the fires of the conservative sector of this country.

Cheney is not the typical politician and his administration can’t seem to deal with that. Cheney doesn’t play games, doesn’t give flowery speeches designed to lift your hearts and spirits and make you feel good inside. He has no more political ambitions and would rather be fishing and spending time with his grandkids. He is a hard nosed factual speaker who tells it exactly like it is and challenges anyone head on to dispute him on facts. That is the problem with the Obama staff; they can’t compete on his level using facts. They have to resort to and rely on ideology and popularity and it has not worked. When Dick Cheney makes a well thought out decision and stands up for his decisions, he is the immovable object.

Again I say congratulations President Obama, you and your advisors did this to yourselves. Now that you have awaken the sleeping giant, good luck for he is the one person from the previous administration that you so love to bash and blame every day that will not back off, lay down and roll over and play dead.

Every one of President Obama’s supporters believes that he is the smartest man ever elected to office. He’s not the smartest, just the most arrogant one and in his arrogance, I believe this time he has bitten off even more than he can handle. Obama vs. Cheney, it’s like a dog fight between a Toy Poodle and Pit Bull and anyone reading this is smart enough to figure out which is which.

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