Friday, May 22, 2009

A Yugo For Everyone

A Yugo For Everyone
Kevin Bryant

Headline in Yahoo news reads “Obama’s New Rules Will Transform US Auto Fleet”. What it should say is: “Obama’s New Rules Will Officially Kill US Auto Manufactures”.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I have certainly had all the “CHANGE” that I can take. I pray that someday soon whoever it is that is giving out stupid pills to this President, Congress and Administration is would get arrested for dispensing drugs without a license.

I read this article and several things came to mind. These are in no particular order and are only part of the things I have to question about this dung heap decision.

With all the trouble the US automobile industry is in, what IDIOT would force them to completely retool their plants again just to make cars that Americans don’t want to drive? Obama.

If you are going to force the auto industry to make greener cars, who on earth would order scrapping the idea of a hydrogen car? Obama.

Who would think it would be for the greater good to rape the land of additional minerals to produce a battery for a hybrid vehicle that is still going to have to operate on gas as well and then not even think of what the effects of the added environmental impact will be when the battery gives up and you have to dispose of it? Obama

What complete moron would believe that a smaller, lighter car is going to give the general public peace of mind knowing what that whatever they decide to buy is going to be a death trap for you if I hit you with my Ram 1500? Obama

Who besides me believes that that this entire administration is guilty of smoking crack? They would have to be. That’s the only logical explanation for ordering the production of vehicles that Americans don’t want to drive and think it will somehow revolutionalize the US auto industry and transform it once again into a world leader in auto production. Why doesn’t Obama just go out and find the old cronies who designed and mass produced the Yugo and set them up in GM and Chrysler as the lead design and management teams.

I always wanted an automobile powered by something no bigger than a lawnmower or moped engine that can’t go any faster than 15 miles an hour uphill. I’ve always wanted to drive a rolling coffin because there is no way I would survive a serious crash. On the bright side though, they would never have to cut my dead body out the car. The car would be so small that all they would have to do is dig a hole on the side of the road and roll me and the small scrap heap right on in.

This administration above all others in the past doesn’t have a clue to the meaning of supply and demand. Did not one single person in this administration take economics? Please don’t respond with Timothy Geithner? This guy can’t even figure out TurboTax. How would he possibly understand economics?

If this is what the auto industry is coming to, I’ll be driving my gas sucking 5.7L, 365 horse power Hemi Dodge Ram until the day me or it dies and replacements parts are no longer available for either of us. It’s called freedom of choice and I choose to drive something that averages 15mpg. I’d rather drive in safety and comfort than some small pile of crap that anyone over 5 foot 3 and weighs more than 120 pounds would suffocate in.

I could not have said it better than the link provided above.


Joan C said...

I am betting the administration will find a way to force people to buy the cars you speak of. Like taxing any car suv or truck that does not get at least 30 miles to the gallon. Same with homes over a certain square foot. It is all about control. How any of us will be able to afford this is something I cannot rap my brain around.

Barb P said...

I am with you all the way Kevin.

greenerthengore said...

love the link! and how true!