Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Another Case of Red vs Blue

Another Case of Red vs Blue
Kevin Bryant

I wake up some days and miss not serving on active duty but no matter how much I miss the military, I would not want to give up my freedoms again. One of the hardest pills for me to swallow while being on active duty was the loss of free speech. Ask anyone who has served in the military and they will tell you that the constitution does not apply to them while they are serving on active duty. Now that I have all the liberties and freedoms that the Constitution provides citizens of this country, I would not want to give them up again. Only when you lose something can you fully appreciate its value.

Our buddy, our pal, Barack Obama has narrowed his choices down to Ft. Leavenworth prison in Kansas and some prison in Michigan as the future home for all the Gitmo detainees. Kansas is a solid red state, Michigan is a solid blue state, and just who do you think is going to get them? Hint: it’s not the blue state.

I may live in Missouri, but I work in Kansas and I live 45 minutes from Ft. Leavenworth federal penitentiary. So his decision still affects me. Why not send them to John Murtha’s district. I hear there is a lovely prison there and everyone knows how sympathetic he is to these terrorist. One of Maryland’s senators stated that he wouldn’t mind having them in the prisons there. But no, he would never send them there. Pennsylvania and Maryland are blue states and voted for Obama in the last election.

I’m sure Michigan would love to have them. They have one of the largest Arab / Muslim populations in America. They have many stores that cater to Muslims only. Their Muslim population stood and cheered while 3000 innocent victims were dying in the twin towers in New York.

By sending them to Michigan, Obama could also use this as an excuse to hire a ridiculous number of extra prison guards to put on the federal payroll to boaster his “job creation” numbers. Perhaps there, these terrorist could convert all the Crips and Bloods to the peace loving Muslim religion. If they fail then perhaps the Crips and Bloods could do the world a huge favor and send them on their way to their 72 virgins. Oh wait, they would not have died in battle…..sorry Akmed, no virgins for you today. I’m so heartbroken over that fact. Oh well.

Take a poll in Kansas and I am quite certain that 85% plus would not want these terrorist in their state regardless of the fact that they would be locked up in maximum security.

Kathleen Sebelius stated before she resigned as Governor of Kansas and became the HHS Secretary that she would not allow the terrorist to be placed in Leavenworth. Now that she is on the national scene, we’ll see how much pull she has with Obama and just how much she cares about the people of Kansas and just how much her word is worth.

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barb p said...

You know it is really hard not to be depressed…and I am sure this is only the surface of a very deep ‘storm’.