Monday, August 31, 2009


Kevin Bryant

I know I am in control of my fingers, but I really have no clue how this piece is going to turn out. This has been on my mind for quite some time and I still don’t know how to put it down in writing. So please bear with me if I ramble.

I have heard President Obama and some members from both houses of congress are willing to risk losing their bids for re-election in order to pass healthcare reform. This makes absolutely no sense to me. I can kind of see where the senators and representatives are coming from because they will get to keep their premium healthcare plans and get a nice “retirement” from serving but just the thought of Obama willing to lose an election is scary to say the least. This sort of statement coming from a man that until he decided to run for President used mob style tactics to suppress and destroy his opponents to the point that they chose not to oppose him in an election. This man is a narcissist with the biggest ego I have ever witnessed anyone having. To risk an election is totally out of character for anyone with his mentality of “self”. It’s like he is intentionally setting himself up to be a dismal failure as a President.

A majority of the public was against the closing of Gitmo yet he is closing it. The public was against the TARP bailouts but he helped push them through. Now we have Obamacare and Cap & Trade and those are not very popular items with mainstream America and more Czars advising him that no one seems to know much about than we had actual states fighting in the Civil War. I’m certain that during his first term he will also attempt to shred some more of the constitution by limiting free speech and further restricting gun ownership. In a way I feel sorry for Supreme Court Justice Kennedy. He is the lone swing vote on the court and you just know there are going to be so many court challenges coming down the road that the final outcome is going to rest on his shoulders. Does he apply the law as it is written in accordance with the Constitution or does he interpret the law based predominantly on personal beliefs? I refuse at this point in time to believe that he is a socialist at heart.

OK, so we know that Obama is willing to sacrifice a second term in office to push his agenda through. We know he has radical liberals at the head of the Senate and House of Representatives. We know that some but not all of the members of house houses of congress are radical and the democrats control congress. We know that from the onset, Obama had no intention of being transparent or keeping any of the promises that were made while he was trying to convince the people that he was a moderate and not a radical leftist. We now know that the Apollo Alliance and not congress or even the President wrote that absurd porkulus thing called the Stimulus Bill that to date has not saved a single job or stimulated anything. We know he has spent more money and borrowed more money than all previous administrations combined. This man is not going to be re-elected and he knows it. He’s not that stupid.

So what is the end result he is trying to achieve? Seriously, no one sets out to fail. I haven’t and I doubt anyone reading this has ever intended to start something with the intent of failing. This President defies all logic yet he is methodical in all aspects of his actions as President. He does nothing randomly so there has to be an ultimate goal there somewhere. There has to be some grand achievement he is trying to attain yet I don’t think anyone other than a small circle of people know what that is. I doubt even Joe Biden or Hillary Clinton know what exactly what it is that he has set out to achieve. If you know or think you know or even have a suggestion as to what it might be, please post your comments and let us know what lead you to your conclusions. I really do want to know what it is and welcome any ideas you might have.

Like I said in the last paragraph, I think only a small circle of people know what lies ahead and what the ultimate goal is. I have stated in several other opinions that I do not believe that Obama is stupid; however I do not think he is smart enough to have put all this together by himself. So, who stands to benefit should we become a socialist, government ran country? Someone or ones with great power has to be pulling the strings. Even George Soros couldn’t be doing this alone. He may be pulling on a few of Obama’s strings but he would even need vast amounts of help in order to be the puppet master.

If we take Obama at his word and look at the people he has surrounded himself with, we see, Socialist, Communist, believers in a one world government, Muslims, Fascist, Black Theologist, Militants, Marxist and only God knows what else. You can see bits and pieces of all these in his actions. We have seen various signs of his actions resemble those of almost every radical group in American & world history. I don’t understand it, but I know it scares me to think of what the consequences could be.

I watch Hannity, O’Reilly & Beck almost daily. I know Beck has been doing a series this week on some of the same things I have listed here but these have been on my mind for several weeks now. Tonight is his final show of his week long series and perhaps I may find an answer or two in there but I doubt it.

What are your thoughts?


kenny said...

I think Obama is going to get what he wants, even if he sacrifices a few seats in Congress, he is willing to throw anyone under the bus for his agenda.

barb p said...

Very good questions…maybe he believes in time we will all ’agree’ his way is the right way…does he think he is Hitler and is trying to “hypnotize” our Nation. He may also think within his 4 year term he will change things enough he won’t have o depend on ‘our’ vote. Lots of changes happening that are not what our constitution says…God knows what else he will change. So far no one has really stopped him…

kc said...

this new guy Van Jones scares the p-jesus out of me

Ken Washington said...

You just keep picking the subjects Kevin and Al, we need more people like you exposing the things we know nothing about.

Q. D. Thompson said...

Dear Kevin Bryant:

In reference to your perplexity article, Aug. 31, as a result of Obama’s successful run for president, he certainly learned (and was probably aware of it before) that the average American is very gullible and mesmerized by smooth talking with hollow promises and are completely unaware of the real issues. This provided Obama with a very fertile foundation on which he could successfully strut his ego, the most important characteristic of his warped personality – I, I, I, & Me, Me, Me – and everyone else be damned.

Since he is currently struggling with the passage of his ObamaHealthCare Proposal, he will be willing to make changes and concessions even if it creates the ultimate defeat of any and all democratic members of Congress in order to get some type of bill passed just to get something on his board; and when it’s time for the 2012 election, he will begin elaborating and amending his pet bill to make it highly appealing to the poor, unemployed and converted immigrants as he campaigns for reelection.

Crazy thinking maybe; but with this Obama Clown, who in the Hell knows.