Thursday, October 15, 2009

Is a second stimulus to seniors a payoff?

With the seniors still angry about Medicare cuts of $540 billion over 10 years, Obama knows that seniors vote, and they REALLY vote when they are angry. So to head off that anger the Administration puts a price on each and every senior vote, and that price is $250.

Apparently the first $250 to each senior didn’t have the desired effect of softening the “hard target,” of senior healthcare, so now they have upped the ante to an additional $250. Maybe $500 will be enough to buy the vote of the very age group that uses the most in healthcare expense. This second stimulus will cost a “reported” $13 billion, now we all know that program costs are always underestimated, and I personally can’t wait to hear the Congressional Budget Office, call the administration liars once again!

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1 comment:

herb said...

Yes it's a pay off, but it will take a lot more than $500 to sway me!