Friday, October 2, 2009

Nancy Pelosi thinks we all should apologize

I would be more than willing to bet you the “angry protest” Pelosi was talking about in California in the 70’s and early 80’s, was all part of her shtick back then. She is now part of the “angry left” that abhors the establishment, except one major problem ……she IS the establishment now! Like her commander in chief’s rants in the past, they were always angry about the status quo. The main problem now is that they ARE the status quo, except they blame every problem of this country on the Bush Administration.

Well I have news for little Miss Nancy, she can stare into her mirror all she wants, but the only friends left are those who want to blame someone else for their own mistakes. They want to live by two standards, one for them and then one for the right.

Funny thing about our societal point in time, what you say today will come back to bite you in the butt tomorrow! When you are a public figure you should at the very least have the intelligence to speak in politically correct vanilla terms to the media, but obviously emotion takes over and idiots, especially political ones only remove their foot to replace it with the other one.

Nancy Pelosi was soooooooooo upset about Rep. Joe Wilson’s comment, saying that Obama lied when he actually did, and yet another Representative Alan Grayson made an ass of himself referencing the Holocaust in relation to the Republican position on healthcare. She recently complained about references to a swastika at a healthcare town hall meeting (which just so happened to be from the Lyndon LaRouche group who is democratic), while making it sound as if it came from the right, while dismissing the remarks of Grayson.

How can the speaker of the house retain ANY credibility or parity in politics when she has been caught so many times in video displaying her hypocritical views?

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Dr Doc dlcs said...

Think about this, the honest hard working American who work daily to follow the laws of the land, trying hard day after day to raise honest U.S. American children. Respect. books, family, friends, games and Salute the U.S.A. flag, all the, what used to be proper things in life are going to hell in this country so all the punk left wing liberial politically correct degenerates can go ahead and destroy this country that WE have fought to keep free. I am sick of watching the Honest Hard Working Americans get screwed by a bunch of communist democrat no good political crooks who are living high on the hog for now, but i tell you this, soon we all have a meeting with Lord Jesus in Heaven and we shall see where the real power lays. Laugh now for you shall mourn and weep. This was once a great country but look what is happining to us. Are there no longer any Americans with backbone? Communist are ripping at our throats. Are only a handfull of us seeing what is happening? I am crippled with parkinsons disease and other crippling diseases, a Vietnam Era Veteran (Honorable) and Proud, but sick to my stomach for what this country is turning into. It makes me sick to my stomach. I sit here in great pain this morning, but, i cry thinking about the parents who sent their sons and daughters off to battle to keep murderous rapist and thugs from infiltrating this great country, U.S.A. Meany of our troops come back crippled or dead,but it seems the bad guys are already here and each time a Proud U.S. Military person goes down on the field of battle, another communist fag from hell takes their place while the spineless politicians and rich get richer. Sure wish all you left wing freaks would go make well for yourselves in a third world country and enjoy your leberial ways.
Dr Doc dlcs: