Tuesday, October 27, 2009

No “bluedog” Democrats in Maryland!

The term “bluedog democrats” describes Democrats who are not progressives, but rather Democrats who are left of center. For our governmental system to work, we need to find areas of common concern and keep the idea of compromise close to our hearts.

It doesn’t matter whether the bluedogs are that way because of fear of losing a future election if they don’t vote in favor of their constituents or not. Fear can be good! In my home state of Maryland, we have NO bluedogs, we have no politicians who are fearful of voters.

Our senators Ben Cardin and Barbara Mikulski, constantly thumb their noses at any suggestions or comments from Republican voters, or for that matter anyone who isn’t of a progressive Democratic mindset. Let’s start with Ben Cardin, a senator who was basically handed his seat from Paul Sarbanes. At his “Townhall meeting” this summer on healthcare, after many underhanded tricks to “stack the room with friendly faces,” and run the meeting with the help of SEIU, and ACORN employees, he admitted that he hadn’t at that time read the house version ( HR 3200). Yet he wanted to try to tell his constituents why the bill was needed!

This is hypocrisy plain and simple, Cardin and Mikulski have conspired together to make Maryland the second most medical mandated state in the country next to Rhode Island. The more health mandates a state has the more expensive healthcare will be in that state. Let me rephrase that, the more expensive health care will be for those who PAY for it! The two of them have driven the cost of health care to the moon for hard working paying voters in Maryland, but alas, they think you are too stupid to know that. Mikulski has also voted against letting the voters of this country even see the healthcare bill for 72 hours that they will vote on………..on our behalf!

In Maryland it’s as if or representatives are made rather than voted for. Our senators have always seemed to have been rubber stamps for one another, we need balance, the Republicans of this state need a voice, and it’s time for the voters to make a difference. Barbara Mikulski needs to be replaced, she will be up for re-election in 2010, and it’s damn time she be put out to pasture with her idol and mentor Paul Sarbanes. She has been a senator for 30 years, she has done enough damage for any one person, she has a wonderful retirement system, (one we will never have), and healthcare insurance we could never get………so let’s toss the old pork barrel girl out!

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herb said...

We need this parasite on the State of Maryland gone!