Friday, October 16, 2009

Thunder Struck

Thunder Struck
Kevin Bryant

Yes, I used the title of an AC/DC song as my title for this. I actually like the song and I find it very fitting for today.

Thunder Struck is just how the far left is feeling right now. For countless years they have been able to run around and say or do anything they please and most conservatives just sat back and let them do what they wanted with little to no interference or complaints. Then in November 2008, Barack Obama is elected President and the left rejoiced for they got the President they wanted and needed to move forth with their socialist agenda, for they knew that even though he campaigned as a moderate during the general election, the true radical Obama would eventually emerge.

Something not seen in this country since the Civil War suddenly happened at the end of January 2009. With the very first stroke of his pen, President Obama caused this nation to be more divided than it had been for the previous 125 years. Not only has racial divisions grown to a point greater than what was seen in the late 60’s and early 70’s, but now divisions have grown between conservatives and liberals equal to the 10 years preceding the Civil War when Northerner and Southerners were bitterly fighting over states rights verses federal powers.

The country today is nothing but divided no matter how you look at it: Black against White, White against White, Black against Black, Hispanic against Black, Hispanic against White, Legal Hispanics against Illegal Hispanics, Muslims against Christians, Christians against Atheist, and Gays against Heterosexuals. At no time in MY lifetime has this nation ever been so divided.

What happened to the promise that Obama was going to be the great healer?

Thunder Struck was due to happen but lacked the fuel to ignite it. Obama provided that fuel and got more than what he or the left or anyone for that matter thought possible. Atheist, Gays, Blacks, Whites, Muslims, Liberals, Hispanics, they all have had to take a step back because conservatives had suddenly decided they have had enough. No more being a door mat to be stepped on. No more being pushed around and then be expected to turn the other cheek. No more trying to combat ideology calmly using soft spoken facts. No, conservatives and Christians had reached the boiling point. Every person and group with a leftist, socialist, atheist racial or sexual preference agenda were suddenly Thunder Struck because conservatives started coming out of hiding and no longer turning the cheek. These people had never known resistance to come at them pushing back as hard if not harder than they themselves pushed. Conservatives had to this point shouted resistance or used megaphones to let their voices be heard.

The great healer my BUTT! Every passing day, one of his lackeys, if not himself, will say or do something that irritates about half this country. Does he care? I doubt it. He has shown or done nothing that would indicate that he has the good of America at heart. He is just proving to everyone that he is nothing more than or see past that of a glorified socialist community organizer who happens to have a Harvard education thanks to affirmative action and very good speech writers.

Americans for months now have been demonstrating their frustrations over this President and this administration. What response do those shrinking numbers who support him have for those who do not, name calling and using intimidation tactics. They have yet to figure out a way to shut up the opposition. Now they have even sunk to a new low and using the White House to declare that FOX News is the right arm of the Republican Party and are continually using lies and half truths to spin and prop up negative reports. Do they offer a single shred of evidence? Of course they can’t because it does not exist. So, they throw temper tantrums and call people liars, racist, mobsters, obstructionist and everything else under the sun that will not get edited out of the evening news and use words that do get edited out when speaking they think no one is listening.

The far liberal left has yet to figure out how to deal with angry moms and grandmothers that who used to remain silent but now speak loudly and clearly and most importantly, factually that they do not like or trust this government to handle health care or anything else and why they do not.

Yes, the left has been Thunder Struck by and educated and informed America who is pushing back and they don’t like it.

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Janie Lynn said...

We need more people standing up and not being afraid to speak out!