Monday, June 29, 2009

Governor O’Malley’s mixed up priorities

While our unpopular Governor O’Malley travels on his whirlwind multi-country trip to set up foreign offices to attract business to Maryland, his past administration as mayor kept such poor records that Baltimore City stands to lose $8.2 million in stimulus money from the Obama Administration, through what Vice President Biden refers to as the “smell test,” if it smells funny it will be denied. One thing the O’Malley Administration has been known for ever since taking office is their ability to fail the smell test!

O’Malley feels that his foreign offices have the ability to add 250 jobs to the state. Now my question here would be, are these jobs in the private sector or are these just more government jobs to man those offices. If they are jobs to man those offices, will those positions be filled by Marylanders or will they be filled by citizens of the respective countries they represent? It would make good business sense to fill those positions by their citizens, and if they do, how exactly did Marylanders benefit? He now has 12 foreign offices manned and ready to increase business, and has personally enjoyed all the globetrotting needed to set up this new budgetary bleed on our citizens.

O’Malley has found enough extra time to cut a new CD with his musical group O’Malley’s March, but yet he has procrastinated all year to make the necessary cuts in the budget to assure Maryland’s liquidity. His torture of the wealthiest citizens of Maryland has led to a mass exodus of 1/3 of our states millionaires, whom he said, “are willing to pay their fair share.” He sits on the fence of the Constellation Energy regulation problems, offering a combination of re-regulation and new rules, after he admitted that Glendenning’s de-regulation was a bad idea. He ran on the premise that he would fight the “big bad electric company,” then proceeded to abandon us after the election. He had a good teacher in throwing people under the bus, as his savoir in Washington has done that so often himself.

The Stimulus Plan has allowed O’Malley to continue his poor budgetary practices with Maryland’s taxes, and in fact Obama has encouraged it! When faced with serious budget cuts he always throws our educational system under the bus first, while securing his additional social agenda that in actuality should go FIRST! Like his benefactor in Washington, O’Malley thinly veils his short comings to the “past administration.” Eventually they will have to take criticisms on THEIR agendas, and expenditures. Obama and O’Malley share one thing in particular, they have both have increased expenditures to a monumental level, one never seen before.,0,6760977.story


barb p said...

They both love the spotlight also…

joan c said...

New Bumper Sticker........O'Malley, Obama, O'sh_t!