Friday, June 12, 2009

Migrating South

Migrating South
Kevin Bryant

The die-hard Bush Haters of America really do hold on to their convictions that former President G.W. Bush was evil and the worst president in U.S. history. Blacks in America are still on cloud nine about the first half black person being elected president that they continue to sing his praises daily and tell the world that this man can do no wrong no matter what.

A few months ago I said that Obama was the Yankees of baseball or the Raiders of football because you either love those teams or hate them. There can be no in-between. Looking at the Rasmussen numbers today, it appears that this comparison is starting to become accurate.

Blacks and die-hard Bush Haters are going to give Obama a free pass no matter what he does until he finally has his hands so deep into their pockets that they will no longer be able to afford a single item on McDonalds’$1 menu. Independents and moderates are starting to look at the actions of the President and not at just the man himself.

Since the first poll after Obama took office, his popularity has slowly but surely been migrating south. His numbers would be falling faster if it weren’t for die-hard Bush Haters and support from blacks based simply on race. Then add in the fact that Muslims support him because of his upbringing and his showing of favoritism towards Muslim nations and a severe case of no backbone when dealing with them. Then there of course are the Hispanics because they know he will never tighten the borders beyond that which they are now and most likely will lessen border security and give amnesty to all illegals here now or that enter the country in the coming months. The difference between his approval and disapproval rating has dropped 11 points in 4 months. I previously predicted that by Thanksgiving 2009 his approval / disapproval ratings would be close to even. He’s very close to being on path to proving that prediction correct.

I firmly believe that Obama knows he is going to be a one term president and this is why he is hell bent on moving this country as far to the left as possible in the shortest amount of time. As with health care, he stated a couple of weeks ago that if we do not get universal health care implemented within a year now, it will never happen. He knows that he is going to lose congressional support and the democrats realize that they are going to give up a lot of seats in the 2010 election IF the republicans can stay on message and the election is based on the issues.

Here are the top 8 issues that the public is concerned about based on public polling: 1) Economy, 2) Government Ethics / Corruption, 3) Social Security, 4) War in Iraq / War on Terror / National Security, 5) Taxes, 6) Education, 7) Health Care & 8) Immigration. According to the latest polling, republicans are considered more able to favorably deal with these issues than democrats when it comes to numbers 1, 2, 4, 5 & 8. Dealing with Social Security issues, democrats were favored but it close. Then add in that 58% of Americans favor more nuclear and clean coal technology power plants, 59% believe we should be drilling for more oil and natural gas in the artic and off shore, while only 34% of Americans believe that global warming is actually occurring and 29% believe that it is caused by man.

A BIG IF but if Obama does get re-elected, it will be based on two reasons; race & fear. Obama got just shy of 96% of the black vote in the last election. He will carry right around 88%-90% the next time around. He got 67% Hispanic vote and he will get around 60% next time and of course he’ll get a majority of the Muslim vote as well but I think he will lose the Asian support as well as a mass majority of the not so die-hard Bush Haters, and almost all the independent votes. A majority of Wall Street won’t back him because of his belief of government control of the private sector and when he is done dismantling the auto industry, he can pretty much kiss the UAW and everyone but the teachers union good-bye. The only way for him to hold the office is to use the fear tactic that has been used in the past. Those evil republicans are going to take away your social security, Medicare and every government handout program there is. This PLUS the race factor might be just enough to get him a second term but I personally doubt it.

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So time will be his “own defeat”…