Friday, June 5, 2009

Obama: I am a Christian

In his campaign Barack Obama repeatedly said he was a Christian, and just as powerfully denied his Muslim upbringing. The news of the past six months has shown Obama to be an Arab/Muslim supporter. His very first interview was with a Muslim new station. His recent ignoring of Israeli diplomatic channels, and demands made to the Israel Administration have shown his predisposition to appease the Muslim world at the price of a long time ally.

Obama has had a long time association with the Muslim world, as I reported a LONG time before the election. He lulled the Jewish supporters to his campaign, and has now tossed them out like so many that he has thrown under the bus during the campaign.

He has apologized for America’s attitude in the past toward Muslims. He ignores the violence, the injustice, the human rights violations, and the archaic rules of their religion. He supports all these vile principles that the civilized world abhors. This is a very important issue, because if the citizens actually knew he supported the Muslim world during the campaign, he would never have been elected President with 9/11 so freshly ingrained in our memory. What a better way to cover his misguided ambition, then to pledge his allegiance to the people of Israel, while secretly making back room deals beneficial to the Muslim world?

Obama has basically violated “truth in advertising.” If he has lied on one issue, what makes the average American citizen think he wouldn’t lie about others?

Obama knows he has violated the trust of many groups already, and he knows America is mad. He may feel he is only going to get four years to do his democratic damage, so he is on track to force as many things down our throats as fast as he can. Very seldom does a President get a chance to “run the table,” because of full party domination, and I’m sure this is the reason for Obama’s many socialistic programs, all at once.

We can make a difference, but not until next year during the congressional elections. Democrats say this new world order is what the people voted for and now they have “spoke,” and now the programs are being instituted. I disagree; I equate the last Presidential election as a country falling for the largest internet scam in our history. He has pulled the wool over the eyes of our na├»ve youth, on merely the premise of “being cool.” I believe that so many people have been disenfranchised, by Obama’s actions, that he will never get elected again. Of course if he gets his way lately by allowing illegals to vote in Georgia, he will be on his way to securing the illegal vote forever.

For a Constitutional Law professor to violate the very document he was sworn to uphold, something has to be done, or we will never survive as a nation.


JoeH said...

Do Not Underestimate the "Brains BEHIND Obama"--what you and I are seeing is a well thought out and performed plan to send this Nation into a Socialist State. To much attention is pointing at Obama, when in fact there are numerous individuals involved in this attack on the peoples freedom, and the total assault on the Constitution. Obamas dream is not to be the President of the US, He wishes to be the "World Leader", and those behind Him believe they have the vehicle to do so.

barb p said...

This kind of thing could really “ruin any dreams one might have”.

Stop the presses/ Patrick said...

The mainstream media wouldn’t do it. So we are trying to get your important messages to the American people. 41 This post is a suggested read at,