Monday, June 22, 2009

Obama using scare tactic to pass cap and trade

Obama used a scare tactic last week in an effort to push his cap and trade policies. He claimed that Southern Florida and North Carolina Beaches would be swallowed by water, even though no evidence of such events through actual calculations exists. The scare tactics are based on worst case scenarios, and computer models, which have in the past proved to be wrong. Remember when Al Gore referred to the condition as “global warming?” Then once that threat proved to be wrong, he now refers to it as “climate change.” Hard to be wrong when you include ALL weather changes now,isn’t it?

"Global Climate Change Impacts in the United States," was orchestrated by a media consulting company and comes just as Congress is approaching a vote on plans for huge new taxes on energy. This report has all the fingerprints of David Axlerod and his astroturfing company that is known for altering public opinion through various sources, some of which can be labeled as extremely questionable. The report was compiled by 30 NOAA scientists, environmental activists, and political strategists, but scientists that disagree with the report claim it’s nothing more than scare tactics.

The report warned of possible sudden death for humanity, because the "projected rapid rate and large amount of climate change over this century will challenge the ability of society and natural systems to adapt." The report still warns about global warming even though that trend has stopped, by what many scientists think will be several decades. Even if this scenario were true, it is a proven fact that humans, and plant matter flourish in warmer climates. The flip side of these known facts is that a cooling era would cause far more problems in crops, and human death than an era of warming. Historically more people die from cold weather then they do from heat related deaths.

Let’s think about what Al Gore claimed in his movie, he claimed that higher CO2 emissions caused global warming. This was later declared a fallacy, by many scientists, and now seem to be the talking point for a house of cards about to fall. Al Gore claims that the CO2 rate continues to climb, but the temperature has remained stable for the last 5 years, so how can this claim possibly be true now? Enter his new claim of “climate change,” it will only be a matter of time before he tries to link CO 2 to “global cooling,” all the while increasing his personal fortune through his “Non-profit” company. Gore claimed that he gives all his income from the movie, books, and speaking fees to a non-profit company. Of course he does, it is HIS company, and as CEO he may designate his own pay, and perks. Gore has increased his personal wealth from 1.5 million when he left office to over 100 million now. There can be no rationalization about how he acquired those funds. He is an egomaniac who still has a chip on his shoulder for the election that he feels, was stolen from him, and this is the way to obtain the respect that he lost.

The biggest problem with what the administration wants to push down our throats is that cap and trade does nothing on its own to reduce emissions! It only taxes the ones being produced, and if Obama doesn’t think that those costs won’t just be passed onto the end user, he is sadly mistaken. This is merely an avenue for the government to make more money on taxes plain and simple, and they are attempting it through lies and partial truths with no scientific backup other then “computer modeling” and as we all know, the weather forecast is rarely correct 7 days in advance, why should we believe a prediction years in advance?


Kevin Bryant said...

Al "snore" Gore has no morals other than those of a snake. How many times during the 2000 campaign did he tell his audiences that Bush was trying to scare them into voting republican and in the same message back then he was painting dooms day scenerios.

This man would lie to his mother for profit.

ciphher said...

Check out to see what's really going on and being ignored by the mainstream media, as they are "owners" of this massive story (lie)

barb p said...

We are just so lucky to have people like “Gore’ watching out for us….

barb p said...

Isn’t it amazing what scare tactics can lead to? How much are we willing to ‘pay’..