Friday, June 19, 2009

Stand Up

Stand Up
Kevin Bryant

Stand up to a bully and one of three things will happen. You get the crap beat out of you, you beat the bully at his own game or you walk away without throwing a punch because you have earned the bully’s respect by standing up for yourself.

For many years now, fewer people have been willing to stand up to the bully that is the United States Government. We elect our senators and representatives either because we think they will do a good job or in far too many cases just because we have always voted for them or the party they represent.

We have a congress that is as diverse as our country. We have Catholics, Jews, Muslims, Protestants, Blacks, Whites, Asians, Gays, Straights and some in between or combinations of these examples. There was time in life that it didn’t matter what they were so long as they respected and represented the people honestly and in good faith, protected the rights of the people and worked solely on behalf of the people.

As individuals, we will always have among us the strong willed, the weak minded, those who like to think for themselves and those who wish to just be left alone and have others make all the decisions for them. Those of us that are strong willed self thinkers are becoming more and more the minority of this country.

As a nation, we have gone from a strong nation ready to lead the world and meet any challenge head on, to a nation divided because government wants us that way. Divide the masses and they are more easily conquered. To bluntly put it, we have become a nation full of wimps, sissies, crybabies and welfare addicts.

This has nothing to do with republicans, democrats, left or right, conservative or liberal. For more than two hundred years, the people of this country have disagreed with one another over various issues. It’s human nature to disagree because we all have the ability to think for ourselves. But no matter what we disagreed about, we all believed that our rights, freedoms and our way of life were to be protected, even if it meant giving our own lives in their defense.

We were a nation of morals and principals. In the past, when our leaders violated our morals and principals, they no longer had our trust and we voted them out of office or forced them to resign. Today, we complain a little then turn the other cheek because we have become soft, reserved and meek just like the government officials of today want us to be. In the Bible, God says the meek shall inherit the earth. Maybe some day in the future that will happen but today, the meek just sit there and get crapped on every day by the government and act like Oliver Twist and ask: “Please Sir, may I have some more”.

So, to Kip Bonds, Emanuel Cleaver, Claire McCaskill and Barack Obama, I promise this: Obama, you will never get my vote and I will do everything within my power to see to it that you do not get re-elected. Cleaver, same goes for you because you are nothing more than a weak minded racist first and foremost and I have no tolerance for racist. Bonds, McCaskill, Jackson County Missouri and the Officials of Lee’s Summit Missouri, cast one more party line, self indulging, going against the Constitution or what is best for the people who elected you vote and like the others, I will do everything legally within my power to vote your rear ends out of office as well.

By the end of this week, I will have written an open letter to the state representative a demanding that Missouri work with other states and demand a constitutional convention to reinforce and this time strengthen constitutional limits upon the federal government and give the powers that were reserved for the states back to the states.

If we the people do not reign in federal government now, the time it will take to undo everything the federal government has done over the past 2 years and counting and put power back into the hands of state government where it belongs will be immeasurable of not impossible to accomplish.


barb p said...

You have my upmost respect Kevin. I pray you will be heard by the right people…

joan c said...

Well said.