Monday, June 1, 2009

Who is He?

Who is He?
Kevin Bryant

Our president has been in office for more than 4 months now and do we yet know who he is? The only thing we know for sure is that we know who he is not. He is not the radical leftist screaming lunatic that the George Soros crowd hoped he would be. He is not the moderate that he pretended to be during the general election. By no means is he a conservative and could never be confused for one.

He has a charisma that somehow even overshadows Bill Clinton though I must admit I never thought anyone could do that. Many think he is a better speech giver and communicator than the Great Ronald Reagan was but without his tele-prompters, be stumbles over words worse than Nancy Pelosi trying to lie her way out of being caught in a lie.

His arrogance is beyond belief. Before he came to office, the two most arrogant people to ever hold the office of President are U.S. Grant and Tricky Dickey Nixon. Now Nixon and Grant are tied for the second most arrogant.

His actions do not strictly point to Socialism, Fascism, Marxism or straight out Communism but has elements of all 4. I personally think he is trying to create a new form of government called Obamaism. Either that or the left side of his brain is not communicating at all with the right side. We know he is not for state’s rights or small business or smaller government.

120+ days in office and he is still as big a mystery now as he was when he first started to look like a legitimate contender to Hillary for the nomination. We know that he is the darling of media more so than the Clintons ever were.

Obama talks a good game but accepts no responsibilities. He is constantly trying to push blame off on someone else for things that he is responsible for. The world sees him as nothing more than a wimp and treats him as such. Just by looking at the past 120 days, we certainly know that he’s no economics major and wouldn’t know a real economist from an Enron bookkeeper. Look who is his top advisor … TurboTax Tim Geithner.

I have gone from trying to figure out who this man is to praying that we can hold on as a free capitalist nation long enough to see his term in office come to an end. Every time I try to compare him to another world leader past or present I get different images for whatever side he is portraying that day. What I have figured out is that he a little Bill Clinton for his charisma, Nixon for his arrogance, Franklin Roosevelt for his desire to spend his way into the record books, Neville Chamberlain for his lack of having a spine, Ronald Reagan for his ability to deliver a good speech though Reagan hardly ever used tele-prompters, Jimmy Carter / Al Gore for his love of raising taxes even when he claims to be lowering them for 95% of Americans, Benito Mussolini for his belief that government should control private business and last but certainly not least……Queen Elizabeth I because I read somewhere she too was extremely difficult to get along with every time her menstrual cycle came around.

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