Monday, June 15, 2009

Will Czars replace the cabinet members?

Many people are wondering about the purpose of Czars in the Obama Administration. In naming a Czar, the Administration does two things; they circumvent a requirement to have the person approved by a congressional committee, as in a cabinet appointment. The Administration denies additional federal oversight by congress after they person has been named. They work exclusively for the President, and answer only to him.

The count so far on Czars stands at 20, and constantly growing. At first the naming of one Czar seemed not only to be a bad choice of words to describe a person to oversee a problem area of public concern. Now the Czar declarations have become a problem on their own, they give unanswerable control to a hand full of personal henchmen. Even if the democratically controlled Congress were to object to the new Czar style of government, they can’t. The President is now ruling under executive order, and his new posse of Czar henchmen are about to take total control of our lives, answerable to NOBODY except Don Corleone Obama.

If anyone sees fit to disagree, as my associate Ann Miller has declared, they will be labeled racist. Why does that happen? It is a label that is basically subjective and
indefensible, it causes one to defend a position that means different things to different people. The sad part is while the accused is defending themselves on the racism charge, the main issue of the disagreement slips away, which is exactly what the accuser intended.


barb p said...

I don’t know how to respond to this…incredibly frightening…

Kevin Bryant said...


Does the cabinet member who would normally oversee that section that the "czar" is controlling has the right to petition congress to call the czar in front of them for hearings if the cabinet meber can not get the information they require to fulfill their own responsibilities?

Stop the presses/ Patrick said...

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