Wednesday, September 16, 2009

ACORN now gives advice on premeditated murder?

The latest video from James O’Keefe shows an office in California whose ACORN councilor gives advice based on her experience as an “escort.” She admitted she was married to her pimp and he physically abused her on a regular basis. Where things took a dark turn is when she admitted to killing him for the past abuse.

Is it any wonder we see multiple violations of the law from this organization? Is it unusual to see willful violations of the law from founders who themselves violate the law? Is it surprising to see that a past trainer and lawyer for ACORN is not only running an active interference program for them, but saw fit to increase federal payments to them this year? Is it surprising that ACORN operates under over 100 different corporate names? Would it surprise you to know that ACORN’s “get out the vote” division has only supported Democratic candidates? Is it surprising to know that ACORN doesn’t see that supporting a candidate is not a conflict of interest while signing up voters at the same time?

Does it surprise you to know that ACORN has received over $53 million dollars since 1994 from taxpayer money? If that doesn’t surprise you, it should be no surprise then to find out that the Democratic Congress voted to increase the funding this year to $8.3 billion. Is it surprising to you that the two senators from Maryland Cardin and Mikulski support this organized crime unit known as Acorn? Does it surprise you to know that Senator Roland Burris (took Obama’s seat)(D-IL) voted to keep funding ACORN. Does it surprise you that Kirsten Gillibrand (took Hillary’s seat)(D-NY) voted to keep funding ACORN because “they have done so much good work in the past,” thereby rationalizing that the means justify the end. Would you be surprised to know that twin brothers operate ACORN, and SEIU, the labor union? Would you be surprised to know that almost all “Town Hall” meetings given by Democrats have used SEIU workers to run the events?

Would you be surprised to know that the IRS not only allows ACORN to do tax work but actually promotes them? Would it surprise you to know that when 8 high ranking employees questioned the motives of ACORN and where the money was going, they were shut out of the organization, and considered as just more “rogue employees?” Did it surprise you that the ACORN division of “get out the vote,” in many states has been accused of voter registration fraud? Would you be shocked to know that employees of ACORN have pleaded guilty to voter fraud? Does it shock you to see a Baltimore City prosecutor threaten to criminally charge the film maker because he actually recorded the voice along with the video, while in fact ACORN’s office was only 2 miles away from her office, and hadn’t had a license to even do business in Maryland since 2006? Would it surprise you to know that that same City Prosecutor campaigned for Obama for President? Is it shocking for you to know that John Conyers (D-MI) was told to drop an investigation of ACORN by “powers higher up,” when only two people would have been higher up, and that is Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama.

Are these coincidences?

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barb p said...

At this point, no I am not at all surprised….we are so politically corrupt anymore….