Thursday, September 3, 2009

Will parents keep their kids home on Sept 8th?

On September 8,2009 President Barack Obama will hold a speech that will be broadcast directly to the pre-k through 12th grade public school system, from the White House website. This raises a few questions on its own, but the announcement that President Obama wants teachers to hand out questionnaires to make the speech a form of interaction, raises the hairs on the back of the neck from all conservative parents. Maybe if President Obama didn’t have such a clear record of lying, this wouldn’t be a problem.

The questions that are coming from this type of “interaction” are obvious. Will this be a simple case of the President teaching the principles of civics, or will this be something far more sinister? Parents are questioning the role of politics in the educational process. We already know the left wing slant to the teaching profession, and now this. What will children this age extract from this speech? Probably nothing, let’s face it, at that age all we heard from adults was blah, blah, blah. But the questionnaire is something entirely different.

Civics classes on how the system works is one thing, but a slant one way or the other in the form of politics is totally unacceptable. I am curious as to what the interaction will be in the form of the questionnaires. What questions will be asked, what type of propaganda will be used?

I’m with the rest of the conservatives on this one, if I had children that age, I’d keep them from school that day, I’d call and tell them my child is sick, sick of the Obama indoctrination, sick of the Obama overexposure, sick of the whole Administration. Indoctrination of our children is unacceptable. I wonder how this indoctrination plays into the plan of the “volunteer” student servitude, and also the “civilian force.”

These programs are starting to fall together into predictable patterns. If there is a separation of church and state, why isn’t there a separation of school and state?

Is this the aim of President Obama?

Or maybe this?

Update: the questionnaire for 7th to 12th grade level

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barb p said...

this is beyond sick and twisted