Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Is this really what we hired?

Is this really what we hired?
Al Ritter

During the Obama campaign we saw a picture of Obama standing in front of a flag along with Bill Richardson while the Pledge of Allegiance was being recited. Everyone in the picture had their hand over their heart and was reciting, except Obama. The campaign gave some lame excuse of why he wasn’t actively involved.

The truth seemed to come to light during the Veterans Day Event at Arlington National Cemetery. It seems that Mr. Obama has slapped not only the veterans in the face, but the rest of America as well. I don’t know an American that won’t pledge their allegiance to the country to which they are a citizen.

No excuse will suffice this time Mr. Obama, you would be a poor excuse for a leader in ANY country, but you are REALLY a poor example for a leader in MY country!

Maybe you exhibit the naiveté of this 10 year old, who places his allegiance on conditions, maybe your refusal is deeper seeded, personally I don’t care, your actions show disrespect for our country!


A concerned citizen said...

Just what in the hell does this useless,moronic, socialist piece of garbage think he's doing?? He has the gall to stand there as the leader of our country and yet refuses to pledge allegiance to it?? Every veteran in this country is appalled and insulted, I am quite sure, as am I. All of you bleeding heart, sheep to slaughter idiots who voted for this travesty should all have your voting duties taken from you because it is quite obvious that you are NOT RESPONSIBLE enough to vote! Now here we are in what used to be the most powerful country in the world, reduced to millions on unemployment, families hungry and homeless, people destitute and who do we have to thank for that? The idiot YOU liberals voted into office. Thanks for NOTHING!

Kevin said...

Jimmy Carter already wrapped up the title of: Worst President of the 20th Century. Obama is going for the worst in the 21st Century and at this pace will easy accomplish that feat.